Messages of Hope From Loy Norrix Faculty

Sidney Richardson

At Loy Norrix, faculty members are there for you and care for your safety. They want you to know that in a time of crisis, you can turn to them. The words of your struggle will not fall on deaf ears if you choose to confide in them. They are here to help and support you as well as to teach you and nurture your growth into a successful, healthy adult. Here are some messages from some teachers and staff members at Loy Norrix to those who may be feeling hopeless:
“What I have to say isn’t just about suicide but about depression, anxiety and all of those other emotional disorders that prevent you from enjoying your life. You deserve a good life, and if you feel like you don’t, it is because your brain can be evil and lie to you. If you are hurt, you don’t just sit around being hurt and hoping that the bone sticking out of your arm will fix itself. You get help.
Same with a friend, you don’t let them be physically hurt, so don’t let them be emotionally hurt either. And, just as with a physical injury, it is NOT your job to fix it but to take them to someone trained to do so. Go to guidance, speak with the teachers and adults around you, come see me if you need someone. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about any of it, in fact, it is good self care to get help when you need it.” Rebecca Layton, Psychology Teacher.
“It might seem hard to believe now, but the way you’re feeling will eventually change and things will get better. Please don’t feel alone and talk about how you’re feeling with people who you trust. If you need to talk to someone but don’t know who to go to, call 269-381-HELP (269-381-4357) or 1-800-273-8255 any time to speak with someone who can help you. It’s OK to ask for help!” Kara Milton, Loy Norrix Psychologist.
“One thing I always do when I am having an unhappy moment or a bad day that doesn’t seem to ever end is help someone else or show a random act of kindness. Yes, there is disrespect, cruelty and sadness around us, but there also is the ability to care for and love each other. I have always been re-energized when I show compassion for someone. Their smile or appreciation days later can get me through my tough day.
Another thing I do is surround myself with laughter. My school family here at Norrix has blessed me daily with their laughter and friendship. So surround yourself with positive people, be a blessing to someone else and make someone else’s day a special one in any way you can!” Jennifer Ko, Team Teacher.
“Just know that you matter. You matter to your teachers, your friends, your family, your pet, your team. Even if there are times when it feels like you don’t matter or that everything is unfixable and terrible, there are always people out there that care about you. Just talk, or write a letter, or send an e-mail, or whatever you need to do to let someone know that something is not okay so we can get you the help to make it okay. There is hope, and it’s okay to reach out to others to help find that hope.” Lauren Kinnamon, English Teacher.
“I cannot say ‘I know how you feel’ because you are a unique individual with a unique experience. I cannot make decisions for you. I do know that, in your darkest moments, you truly believe that the way you are feeling, the way things are right now, is going to last forever. That is not true. The way you are feeling will not last forever. You can outsmart your brain. Remember a time when you did not feel the way you do right now, a time when you didn’t fall asleep every night feeling the way you do. You can do it. Sometimes you cannot do it alone, so call someone. Call a friend, call your grandmother, your neighbor, your teacher, your religious leader. Call anyone. Do not worry about the time of day. No matter whom you call, they would rather talk to you at three o’clock in the morning than face the prospect of never talking to you again.
Keep fighting, even though it is not easy. You are valuable. You are loved. You are important. Please give yourself the opportunity to reach your full potential. You may not feel better today, you may not feel better tomorrow, or the next day or next week or next month or next year, but you are strong and you and your support team will pull yourself out.  Let yourself become the person you were meant to be.” Sarah Leineke, Math Teacher.
“Life is full of obstacles that allow you to grow and be strong. Loving and respecting yourself will guide you and provide all the strength that you need to face those obstacles.  Embrace those obstacles as a challenge to prove to yourself that you can handle anything and soon you will see that those obstacles shall pass. The more obstacles you knock down the more beauty in the world you will see and those who truly love you will come into view.” Niambi Pringle, Government Teacher.