What do you Want to do Before you Die? The Bucket List of Loy Norrix

Frankie Stevens

Countless people have something that they want to do before they die, whether it be skydiving or traveling to an exotic place. A bucket list is a checklist of experiences or achievements that someone wants to accomplish during their lifetime. Knight Life asked Loy Norrix students and staff about what they want to do before they die, or what they have already checked off their bucket list.
“I want to give an Elephant a bath. Elephants create tight bonds with humans and respond affectionately,” said social studies teacher Rebecca Layton.
“I want to go to the Grand Canyon, it would be a cool experience,” said junior Brianna Wieferich.
“It sounds stupid, but I want to go to Disney World because my dad would never take me,” said senior Tori Zehner.
Tori Zehner at Disney World. Photo Illustration / Frankie Stevens

“Go to Finland, because I am half Finnish. Probably in the next 5 to 10 years. I’m deathly afraid of heights but I want to also go bungee jumping and skydiving,” said guidance counselor Pamela Robinson.
“I want to travel to Costa Rica because I’ve learned it’s really beautiful and there’s a lot of adventures to go on there,” said junior Maddie Guimond.
“I want to go to New York, Seattle, and back to Vancouver where I was born,” said freshman Emily Edlefson.
“I want to climb one or two of the seven summits because I think climbing is cool. I also want to go skydiving and live in California,” said sophomore Abigail King.
Abigail King stands on mountain Mam Sodhail. Photo Illustration / Frankie Stevens

“No [I don’t have a bucket list], I think they are stupid. A list couldn’t contain all that could possibly happen to me between now and my death,” said English teacher Anne Lewis.
“One thing I want to do is travel to somewhere not connected to the United States, like the Bahamas,” said senior Jacob Fenter.
“I want to go scuba diving in a coral reef that isn’t dead,” said senior Kamryn Chapman.
“Meet Beyonce, because she’s queen bee,” said freshman Chloe Lupini.
“I want to go to space to see the different planets,” said freshman Myles Baker.
Astronaut Pack Suit Tools Tether Spacewalk Iss
Myles Baker in space. Photo Illustration / Frankie Stevens 

“Back in my 20’s I went so far up in the Rockies the animals hadn’t seen a person before. Back then there wasn’t climbing equipment, so you held on by your fingertips,” said librarian Jack Sewell.
“Make money to be able to do the other things on my bucket list,” said sophomore Baker Conley.
“I’ve gone ziplining, but I’m scared of heights,” said campus safety officer Jacqueline Hampton.
“We want to take our daughters to all 50 states. We want our girls to be more aware of the world around them than just their backyard,” said history teacher Jay Peterson.