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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

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Seniors, any advice for your underclassmen?
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Fixing Your Edges and Giving You Lashes: LN Junior Aspires to be a Cosmetologist

By Trinity Austin

Junior Marchelle McKissic parctices applying mascara on a friend. Photo Credit / Myeisha Prewitt

Loy Norrix junior Marchelle McKissic has wanted to practice cosmetology since the age of 11. Around that age McKissic found herself playing in other people’s hair quite often and soon she learned to do her own. McKissic has dreamt of opening her own salon ever since.
McKissic plans to open her own salon somewhere in Grand Rapids in the near future to pursue her dream in cosmetology.
“I find natural beauty the best form of beauty,” McKissic said, with a genuine smile on her face.
Today’s society acts like if you don’t cake your face with makeup, that you’re ugly and not acceptable. McKissic disagrees, she believes everyone is beautiful in their own way and that no one should  have to change themselves to fit in.
“I started cosmetology because after getting my nails and hair done all the time, I started losing money,” said McKissic, slightly adjusting her hair. “I started doing my own hair. I found it way cheaper to do it on myself.”
Although it’s expensive, McKissic still goes to the salon once in awhile to get her nails or hair professionally done.
McKissic began to explain her future plans to own her own business.
“I haven’t came up with a name yet, but I wanna start with lashes. I was trying to think of a name related to that.” McKissic paused, deep in thought, “Something like Lash Envy.”
McKissic wants to start with lashes because she thinks it’ll be the cheapest and fastest way, but she wants to take other classes as well. Lashes are the cheapest form of schooling for cosmetology. Classes can vary from $5,000 to $15,000.
The average salary for a cosmetologist is $26,000 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  in 2011, but that isn’t holding McKissic back. McKissic wants to do what she loves while getting paid, even if it’s not the biggest check. As they say, do what you love and don’t settle.
McKissic would love to help others see that natural beauty is the best form of beauty.

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Fixing Your Edges and Giving You Lashes: LN Junior Aspires to be a Cosmetologist