Student of the Month: January

Zachary Liddle

The student of the month awards for January were given to the Social Justice Book Bowl team, led by team teacher Sveri May. The award celebrates the team’s hard work under the coaching of May. For the Social Justice Book Bowl held at Western Michigan University, students were required to read “All American Boys” by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, and “Because They Marched” by Russell Freedman. After the team read the assigned books, they competed at a competition. At this competition the students were asked 20 questions. The students worked together to win 10 points for every question answered right. The following students were the selected students of the month.
Elizah Anderson- 9th grade
Camille Bistrek- 9th grade
Cecilia Mireles Caballero- 9th grade
Rondea Dotson- 9th grade
Maya Goggans- 9th grade
Maggie Grademeyer- 9th grade
Alexis Weeden- 9th grade
Bryce Davis- 11th grade
Ferren Olmstead-Meade- 11th grade
Ava Stoops- 11th grade
Naomi Verne- 11th grade
Mey Wong- 11th grade
Elizabeth Gbogi- 12th grade
Amyad Walker- 12th grade
Sveri May- Staff of the month
The students and staff member were invited to the luncheon for their hard work at the Book Bowl competition.
“It takes time and commitment to do Book Bowl,” said junior and member, Mey Wong. “If you can’t do that, then Book Bowl probably isn’t for you.”
“I was thrilled to receive this honor last year so I am even more proud this year,” said Book Bowl coach, Sveri May. “The students put in mega hours of reading and doing annotations and to be their coach makes me so proud of them. I am thrilled that Loy Norrix honors them and me with a special luncheon and plaque.”
The Book Bowl team was very happy to have received this award and be acknowledged for all of their hard work and effort.

The Loy Norrix Book Bowl team posing for a team photo with Loy Norrix Principle Rodney Prewitt and Assistant Principle Kelly Hinga. They also enjoyed a luncheon prepared as celebration for thier recieving Student of the Month. Photo Credit / Zach Liddle