What Teens do to Annoy Parents

Mia May

Through all the ups and downs of a relationship between a parent and their teen, they will always love each other. A couple of teens confess what they do to annoy their parents.
 Loy Norrix junior Ty Overhiser says he annoys his parents when he does not return their calls. Ty’s parents aren’t the only ones frustrated by this. London based entrepreneur, Nick Herbert, was so tired of his 12 year old son not answering his texts, he created the app ReplyASAP, which puts an alert on children’s phones until they answer their parent’s texts.
On a day to day basis we have learned parents and their teens clash head to head, no matter where they are located.IMG_0749
Junior Madison Morgan said she annoys her mom with a sense of humor that her mom doesn’t exactly enjoy.
“I say stupid stuff that annoys her… I repeatedly say something until she gets angry,” said Morgan.
According to Psychology Today, the emotional part of the brain is more developed than the logical part in teenagers. This explains why teens, such as Madison, do seemingly random things that annoy their parents.
Junior Briley Kruger eagerly replied “yes” when asked if she annoys her parents. Kruger purposely annoys her parents by asking questions she already knows the answer to.
“Like asking where something is when it’s right in front of me,” Kruger said, laughing. Kruger considers it her job is to annoy her parents daily.
“The influence that you have over your child is more dependent on a trusting relationship than it is on how much authority you dish out and how many lectures you give,” according to the website ReachOut Parents. Sometimes there needs to be less ruling over teens and more trust towards teens.IMG_0740
Senior CJ Washington shrugged his shoulders in agreement when asked if he annoys his parents.
“I ask them for something until they say yes,” said Washington.
If they say no, he will continue to ask until he gets what he wants. Nevertheless, he knows when he needs to stop.
“I get cussed at then I know to stop,” said Washington.
According to Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, teens tend to be persistent because of specific activity in their brains.
“This is not down to the developing of the prefrontal cortex (which is associated with impulse control) but also due to enhanced activity in the part of the brain that seeks out novelty and reward,” said Blakemore.
Washington’s relentless nature is the reason why he keeps persisting until he gets what he wants. IMG_0747
Senior Kaylan Robinson admitted he annoys his parents and he doesn’t care.
“I turn on real loud music when they sleep. . . they annoy me, gotta return the favor,” said Robinson.
According to author Sara Goudarzi, teens sense of empathy and guilt are not fully developed which could be why Kaylan doesn’t care if he annoys his parents. 
Teens annoying their parents is probably the most common thing. Every teen does their own thing to annoy them, like not texting parents back, asking stupid things or “returning the favor.” Parents will still love their teens through it all though.