Students Respond to Issues of Anxiety

Dear editor,
I read Sofie Nehlsen’s article on “Anxiety for Teens is an Invisible Struggle,” and I completely understand the feeling, but other than that I strongly agree that you are not alone if you are struggling with anxiety, I love the fact that people are starting to take a notice in it because it’s not easy growing up with anxiety. I know, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, but again I love that people are coming out and sharing their stories. I also like that the quote she used is in the middle. I love the word choice.

  • Hailey Houser, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read “Anxiety for Teens is an Invisible Struggle” by Sofie Nielson and I thought it was great! The word choice was amazing and made me want to keep reading. Also, anxiety is something so common, yet nobody talks about [it] or even wants to. It’s great that she brought some attention to this subject.

  • Maddie Downham, senior