Students Respond to “Lady Bird”: An Overused Archetype

Dear Editor,
I really loved this piece about “Lady Bird”. Everything you were saying made sense to me and I agree 100%. I am not a teenage white girl and I agree with your perspective, especially the angle on media. This archetype affects friendships and relationships. I don’t think people have realized that this “manic pixie dream girl” persona even existed. I’m very happy that this was brought to light. This was really well written and a good read.

  • Kamryn Kimbrough, freshman

Dear Editor,
I very much enjoyed the article “Lady Bird, an Example of an Overused Archetype,” by Glenna Aldag. After watching “Lady Bird” on my own time, and formulating an opinion, I was glad to see that someone has given a review that wasn’t raving over the movie like everyone else’s. I thought the movie overall was decent, but I agree with Aldag that this story follows a “coming of age” storyline that at this point has become a little overused. I admired that Aldag gave so much detail as it is to why this film isn’t the most accurate depiction of teens. Aldag wasn’t able to show some positives to the movie such as the script, but gives an honest opinion as to why this film doesn’t seem so special to her. It was the honest review I have been waiting for.

  • Jack Ferguson, freshman