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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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‘Korpsve’ uses technology to break the music mold
‘Korpsve’ uses technology to break the music mold
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Upon first glance at senior Dalea Campbell, her bold makeup, unconventional outfits, and spiky accessories would make you think he’s an interesting...

French translator, Marie Marcoux is helping to facilitate the conversation between Knight Life reporters and Gabonese journalists. The conversation was on environmental writing.
Journalists from Gabon meet with Knight Life reporters for a cultural and educational exchange
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Starting before winter break, the K-wing mens bathroom has been locked, reported as vandalized and in need of repairs.
Lack of supplies and vandalism plague school bathrooms, leaving students frustrated without solutions
Krystiana Bernstein and Carter Pickett February 29, 2024

For Loy Norrix students, it’s no surprise when attempting to use the restroom to find the closest one covered in messes, locked, or vandalized....

Underclassmen Describe Seniors They Will Miss Next Year

Senior Victor Moss and freshman Keegan Cameron pose for a photo after performing in Loy Norrix’s ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Moss and Cameron met during rehearsal for the production. Photo Credit / Mariah Sarelis

Keegan Cameron
Freshman Keegan Cameron says he’ll miss senior Victor Moss the most next year because he’s so funny and talented.
“He’s an all around good guy,” said Cameron.
Cameron met Victor at a rehearsal for the school musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.”
“He’s like my twin,” Cameron continued.
Cameron’s favorite memory of Victor was when they went to Steak and Shake with their forensics multiples because they had so much fun laughing and talking.

Lexi Antisdale
Sophomore Lexi Antisdale says she will miss senior Nathan Platte the most next year. Lexi met Nathan through a mutual friend and enjoys their their time at lunch together where he makes her laugh.
“He keeps me from going insane at lunch,” Lexi continued, “He’s so down to earth and always makes my day better,”
Lexie really admires how Nathan doesn’t care how straight-forward she can be sometimes.
Vivian Segovia
Sophomore Vivian Segovia says she will miss senior Andrew Gaunt the most next year. Vivian met Andrew in gym class last year.
“We were playing badminton and he played really well,” said Vivian.
Vivian admires Andrew’s sense of style but says she’ll miss his smile and kindness the most.
“He reminds me of [one of] my idols,” said Segovia.

Sophomore Michaela Martin and senior Bonnie Bremer sit outside talking during lunch. Martin and Bremer often spend their lunchtime together in the yearbook computer lab. Photo Illustration Credit / Anna Kushner

Michaela Martin
Sophomore Michaela Martin is going to miss senior Bonnie Bremmer the most next year. Martin met Bonnie when Bonnie interviewed her for the People’s Choice awards Michaela’s freshman year, and further got to know her through forensics.
“Bonnie’s never switched up on me,” said Michaela while discussing what makes Bonnie such a good friend.
Martin also admires Bonnies sense of style, saying it inspires her to want to put her best face forward.
“I remember one time Bonnie had this really cute gold locket, so I ended up buying a gold locket,” said Martin.
Michaela’s favorite memory with Bonnie was when Bonnie drove her home from yearbook after a hard deadline, and they lost track of time just talking about college and life.
Zeke Link
Sophomore Zeke Links says he will miss seniors Sophie Fox and Jordyn Carlton the most next year. Zeke met Jordan through his brother, fellow senior Max Link and thinks he’s really cool and funny.
“Jordyn’s just a really funny guy,” said Zeke.
Zeke met Sophie through their mutual food and nutrition class and loves how she is able to make the class more enjoyable.
“I’ll definitely miss both of their personalities next year. They are just fun to be around,” said Zeke.
grace and kamryn
Freshman Kamryn Kimbrough (far left) and senior Grace Erway (blonde hair) sing together in “Little Shop of Horrors.” Kimbrough really looks up to Erway and admires her talent and drive. Photo Credit / Mariah Sarelis

Kamryn Kimbrough
Freshman Kamryn Kimbrough is going to miss seniors Amarra Lyons, Abby Guimond, Victor Moss and Grace Erway next year.
“The absence of their presence is going to be boring,” said Kamryn.
Kimbrough met these seniors through forensics and always looks forward to practicing with them. However, Kamryn does admit that she looks up to and will miss Grace the most.
“Grace has been doing the musical and forensics for four years, and I feel like I want to do that. So I connect with her in that way,” said Kamryn.
Emma Scheele
Sophomore Emma Scheele says she will miss seniors Katie Stamper and Alex Vonhof the most next year. Emma met Catie through soccer and really cherishes their time spent together driving home after soccer and listening to music.
“I’ll also miss playing soccer with Catie. She’s really good and fun to play with,” said Emma.
Emma met Alex through mutual classes and enjoys hanging out at his house or in the woods.
“I’ll miss hanging out with Alex. He’s really funny,” said Emma.
Bakhty Higgins
Sophomore Bakhty Higging’s says he will miss seniors Jordan Cox and JT Mitchell the most next year. Bakhty met Jordan through his physics class and values their time talking and messing around in that class. Bakhty met JT through JT’s younger brother and really likes playing baseball with him.
“They’re both really funny and pretty nice to me as the only underclassmen in a senior class,” said Bakhty.
Freshman Lucy Wallis poses with seniors Abby and Maddy Guimond in a pumpkin patch. Wallis and the Guimonds have an annual tradition of going apple picking together. Photo Credit / Anne Guimond

Lucy Wallis
Freshman Lucy Wallis says she will miss seniors Abby and Maddy Guimond the most next year. Lucy’s family is close family friends with Abby and Maddy’s family and has known them since they were kids.
“They’re great role models. I’ll miss their humor and caring hearts,” said Lucy.
Lucy always enjoys her yearly trip to go apple picking with Abby and Maddy, but her favorite memory with them is when they went to Mexico for Spring Break this year.
“For Spring Break we went swimming in the pool. It was super fun and we were all having a good time and none of us were stressed about homework,” said Lucy.

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Underclassmen Describe Seniors They Will Miss Next Year