Current Fashion Trends Sweeping Norrix Hallways

Yesenia Salas

With so many celebrities on the rise to stardom, fashion trends are always changing in hopes to turn heads. Fashion, a form of expression, can scale from simple to jaw-dropping. Although school dress codes may limit a student’s options, Loy Norrix students prove they can keep up with the latest and greatest.  
Accessories are a must in everyone’s wardrobe; regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or status, accessories complete the outfit. They are meant to make a statement or can be an extension of your natural beauty. Much like piercings or tattoos, accessories manage to bring out one’s best features.

emma new
Senior Emma Knutson poses with her hoop earrings. Photo Credit / Jaelyn Anderson.

Senior Emma Knutson personally likes wearing hoop earrings, “They make me feel really cute when I wear them,” she beams.
Knutson further explains that after seeing 16 year-old female, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish wearing hoop earrings a lot, she noticed other girls started wearing hoops more. Billie Eilish is an icon many teens identify with. Her unique style inspires others to try new things with their wardrobe, even small additions such as hoop earrings go a long way.
Junior Devon Gross matching her scrunchie to her fit.

Fashion often operates as a cycle and the 70’s is back! Look around, scrunchies have managed to make their way into every teenage girl’s heart. For a while, everyone stuck to simple black hair ties but scrunchies come in varieties of colors, patterns and material.
When asked why she prefers scrunchies over hair ties junior, Rebecca Sierra-Torres says, “It doesn’t dent my hair.”
bailee new.jpg
Senior Bailee Smith shows off her vans during lunch. Photo Credit / Jaelyn Anderson.

You’ll catch senior, Bailee Smith, sporting some Vans Old Skool black and white shoes in the halls. The all white version of these shoes have also been on the rise, seeing as they suit all choices of style. “They go with everything,” says Smith.
Easy to style, great brand and can be dressed up or down.
Why Vans? What is it about this brand that has everyone buying their products? Maybe it’s the ‘hipster’ look that’s trending, or maybe it’s how their shoes manage to look stylish in any condition. Vans were founded in 1966 and really took off during the 70’s. They’ve kept a similar look since then.
Asking Smith for her opinion, she goes on to say, “They’re coming back. They look very vintage.”
quincy new.jpg
Junior Quincy Ellis talks poses while eating lunch. Photo Credit / Jaelyn Anderson.

A timeless shoe brand such as Nike is most likely to be in everyone’s closet, whether it be for their great quality or wardrobe essential. A white pair of Nike Air Force 1’s were seen on students all throughout the 70’s, specifically 1972 when they dropped.
“I picked my Air Force 1’s because they were pretty crispy,” junior, Quincy Ellis says with a smile.
Air Force 1’s, being a pair of white shoes with simple structure, can turn around a ‘lazy day’ outfit into ‘I didn’t try that hard, but I’m looking clean’ look.
Ellis goes on to say, “They’re basic, they’re white. Nike’s you know, you can wear them with almost anything.”
The shoe itself is great for any weather all year round! Its leather material keeps snow from seeping in and makes dirt easy to clean during warmer seasons.
group new.jpg
Left to right: Nia Alexopoulos, Wyatt Atkins, Addy Alexopoulos, Naashar Leake, Leianna Stratton. Group poses together after having lunch. Photo Credit / Jaelyn Anderson.

An all time class favorite are Birkenstocks. Birk sandals are a summer go-to shoe for males and females. The bulky but comfortable design can fit fuzzy socks which are life savers when fall comes around but you’re not ready to let go of your warm weather clothing.
“They’re easy to put on in the morning,” says junior Addy Alexopoulos.
“You can take them off in class,” senior Wyatt Atkins chimes.
“And they’re comfortable,” senior Naashar Leake adds.
    Trends at the end of the day are what we make of them. They are just bits and pieces of what a vast majority agrees looks nice. What really starts a trend is a person owning it and pulling it off. Pulling it off how? With confidence; chin up, shoulders back and a big smile is the key to every trend.