The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

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Seniors, any advice for your underclassmen?
Seniors, any advice for your underclassmen?
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Henry Wilson and Michael McDonald discuss in refs position.  The wrestlers often talk through the movements while practicing.
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Let's Go Clubbin': Loy Norrix Offers Opportunities for Our Student

Loy Norrix, we are a school of the people, we are accepting, creative, smart, and evolving, yet one thing that has remained fairly stagnant, is our club participation.
This school has a multitude of incredible teachers and students running our current clubs. Being a part of an afterschool club gives you the chance to make new friends and try something new. Here are some clubs that could interest many students for this upcoming trimester. If you’re interested, please contact the people mentioned below, they would be delighted to see and hear from you.

Junior Kayvon Conley works in computer lab C21 after school in a quiet and focused AAC room. Photo Credit, Justin Timmerman

AAC stands for Academic Tutoring Center, which runs Monday through Thursday after school. The AAC is there for students who need help with school work that they did not understand during the school day or won’t be able to complete at home.
Psychology teacher Rebecca Layton said, “You can have one-on-one [time] with a teacher, you can work with a partner, or even work individually and have a space.”  Layton also commented, “I wish students would use the resources they have.”
Anyone who needs help in school or with school work should attend the AAC, Monday through Thursday to seek help from people who are there to assist you. Thursday is test makeup day if you need to take a test you missed. Let your teacher know ahead of time if you plan to take advantage of this.
Lars Enden, visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at K College
talks with senior Will Keller as junior Nate Goodwin-Kelly and senior and founder
of the Metaphysics Club Peyton Cool listen in to their discussion of a theoretical experience machine. Photo Credit, Joshua McKissic

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies abstract concepts such as knowing, existence, identity, time, space and much more. Founded and led by Loy Norrix senior, Peyton Cool, the Metaphysics Club is held in health teacher, Richard Labadie’s room, M13.
Cool says the metaphysics club is a “philosophy class just outside of school. We explore the philosophy of reality, existence, and the universe.”
If anyone is interested, there are meetings every second Tuesday of every month.
Senior Brandon Worden (right) and Robert Isackson (left), clean up the parking lot in order to reduce Loy Norrix’s carbon footprint. They are members of Loy Norrix’s Green Club. Photo Credit, Carlos Santos

The Loy Norrix Green Club is advised by freshman biology teacher, Eric David.
“The Green Club is a statewide program that schools can engage in, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the school through various means,” explained David.
If you’re interested in managing and maintaining our school gardens and reducing our schools carbon footprint, contact David in room B14. Currently around 10 members are in the Green Club. This club meets every other Tuesday.
Junior Kaziah Bowan helps freshman Elisia McPhearson at the snack and study. Every trimester one will be held to help freshman prepare for their upcoming finals. Kaziah Bowan is a member of link crew, a club designed to help freshman adjust to high school. Photo Credit, Lilly MacInnis

Link Crew is a freshman transition program assisting an easier change from middle school to high school for incoming freshman. Junior and senior link leaders are chosen personally by the Link Crew Advisors to mentor the incoming class in their new four year journey called high school.
Link Crew has been at Loy Norrix for six years, led by librarian John Kreider. If you’re interested, talk to Kreider in the Loy Norrix Library.
Matt Porco and Ryan Allen, National Honor Society Advisors, talk about the schedule for the NHS induction that night. Every year juniors are inducted into the society after an application process. Photo Credit, Justin Timmerman

The National Honor Society is largely a service organization. To get in you have to demonstrate leadership, character, scholarship and at least a 3.5 [GPA] and maintain a 3.5,” said AP history teacher and NHS advisor, Matt Porco.
In the National Honor Society, members must do community service which includes paper recycling at Loy Norrix, child care for Parkwood Elementary, parent teacher operation meetings, Gospel mission donations, organizing a schoolwide blood drive and much more. This service earns members the prestigious accolade of membership in the National Honor Society.
At the beginning of the school year until mid-December, only about 30-35 seniors are in this relatively large club. Juniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher are invited to join every year.
In early December, about 30-35 juniors are inducted after an application process. Porco instructs people to “Emphasize that pillar of character.” Matt Porco in room D9 and economics teacher Ryan Allen in room A19, are the co-advisors.
Clubs in the school are great opportunities to learn valuable skills, have better time management and planning skills, and even look good for future college and scholarship applications. It can be difficult at times to implement and maintain a regular schedule, but clubs are the perfect alternative from sports. Loy Norrix has a thriving community with many different ongoing opportunities for students.Take advantage of these incredible opportunities that your peers and instructors have put together in order to make you more successful.

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Let's Go Clubbin': Loy Norrix Offers Opportunities for Our Student