Loy Norrix has a New Liaison Officer

Kailynne Besser

Officer Lockett is talking with freshman Ahair Mathews and freshman Amania Mabon about what its like to see the snow for the first time. Mabon just moved here over the summer and hasn’t seen snow before this snow fall. Photo Credit, Kailynne Besser

“It’s amazing to have the women power at Loy Norrix,” said campus safety officer Jacqueline Hampton.
Hampton is very happy that there is now a female police officer working at Loy Norrix. It’s nice to see another woman walking around the school helping keep this school safe and working with students.  
According to the website “The Statistics Portal,” of the police officers in the United States, only 12 percent are female.
As of September, Loy Norrix has a new liaison officer from the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, Catrice Lockett. She was a liaison officer in Grand Rapids schools and then transferred to Kalamazoo.
The past two liaison officers at Loy Norrix have been men. Having Lockett, a female officer, at the school sets a great example to the students. Both boys and girls have a chance to see a capable woman taking on a role that has in the past been a male-dominated field.
Lockett loves that she can build relationships with the students and that they can talk and joke around with her. Lockett came to Loy Norrix to work with kids. She wants to try to keep them on the right track, keep them in school, and prevent them from causing trouble. There have been times that she has had to jump into action. When Lockett came to Loy Norrix, she wanted to be helpful and work with students.
Lockett loves the hours she works, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. She has a flexible schedule. Even though she is working at Norrix, she still has time for herself.
“No matter what obstacles you are going through don’t give up always believe in yourself and don’t give up,” Lockett said as advice to students.
Lockett spends much of her time in the cafeteria watching the students during breakfast and at lunch to make sure that everyone is behaving properly and not having problems with other students. Lockett doesn’t really talk to kids during lunch unless they approach her first to have a conversation. She thinks lunch is for the kids to have time for themselves or be with their friends. Lockett is here to make sure each school day goes well.