Loy Norrix Teachers make their own Gang

Click on the photo to watch the entire dance.
Click on the photo to watch the entire dance.

Loy Norrix teachers imitated their students by wearing hats and dancing a flash mob to “Cant Hold Us,” by Mackle More and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton at the February 20th, 2014 pep assembly.

CeCe Weeks, the director for the group, sent out emails to see which teachers would actually participate in some fun.

Weeks said, “We had 16 [staff dancers].  I didn’t expect 16.  I was very excited about that.”

Spanish teacher, Ryan King had a special part in the dance. In his furious fur coat, imitating Macklemore in his music video, he jumped around waving the flag.

“It was cute, I liked it and I was surprised,” said junior Adreana Mize.

These are the following Loy Norrix staff members who were involved: DaNetta Blake, Brianna English, Patrick Greeley, Chris Holmes, Sarah Jenzen, Ryan King, Jennie Ko, Angie Laginess, Rachel Larner, Valerie Long, Sveri May, Julie Pelligrino, Brad Schmidt, Angela Slaughter, Trevor Stefanick and CeCe Weeks.

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