Students Share Their Views on Coach Duckett

Dear Editor,
I read “P.E. Teacher Celebrates his 50th year at Norrix.” I thought this was a great article about Coach Duckett because Duckett has taught me some amazing life lessons about keeping track on what you eat and pushes us to a new high. He inspires you to be better, and I never really pushed myself to max, but in his class I did to become someone better and I have. Plus Duckett has taught me to never give up on your dreams and become something someday. I liked this article about Coach Duckett because he deserves a lot of credit for being here for 50 years and his stories are really funny. He is one teacher I really admire a lot and he literally is a cool teacher to be around. I think this article is great because he talks about students from the past talk about the same stuff I said about today.  
Devin McMartin, senior
Dear Editor,
I read “P.E Teacher Celebrates his 50th Year at Norrix.” I thought that this was a good article because I did not know that it was Duckett’s 50th year at Loy Norrix. I liked that it told that he likes to teach students responsibility because I have had him as a teacher multiple times, and I know that responsibility is a big thing for him. I thought that adding the students’ perspective on Duckett was good because it shows that he is making an impact with the students that he has.
Trenton Spinney, senior
Dear Editor,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lexi’s article about Coach Duckett’s 50 year accomplishment here at Norrix. As an aspiring teacher, I respect Duckett’s passion for teaching and the advancement of young [people] as expressed in the article. This article, in my opinion, brings awareness to the more one-on-one relationship between the teacher and the student and how it can positively impact the student’s life. I think that articles like this help Norrix as a school community appreciate and promote respect for teachers here at Norrix. It’s a very well written article, and I hope to see more articles like this in the future.
Breyana Wilson, junior