Students Respond to Knight Life

Dear Editor,
The article that I read today was “When Paradise is Lost, Promise is Found” and in my opinion I feel like the article was a very good article to read. One thing that I like about the article was that it told a brief description on how it first started and they went into a lot of detail about the family that escaped from that horrible fire. Another thing that I like about the article is that the person that interviewed Catherine asked the questions the way they should and gave them time to talk about the incident that happened.
Dejanelle Carter
Dear Editor,
After reading your article “Pride and Acceptance” regarding the LGBTQ+ and it’s importance here at Loy Norrix, I just wanted to let you know that I think it was generally well written with interesting key points. The only issue I have with this article is that it lacked quotes regarding the GSA and its members and or leaders. I believe that it could have been better to have utilized the club and its members who are LGBTQ+ to get direct info. from, although Ms.Leineke is the advisor of the club, she herself isn’t a student at Norrix. But I do appreciate this article and the effort you put forth, as it helps bring out the need this school has to be more open-minded and caring. As I wrote the GSA story in the yearbook, I consider this piece of yours to be very thoughtful.
Parker Kissel
Dear Editor,
 You should try and get an after school club for kids that want to do sports that are not on a team.  If we had open gym at school, kids that do not have memberships to the Y could work out with their friends.  Also we would already be in the building after school, so if the weather was bad it would not matter. We could have random games of pick-up and open swim too.  It would be fun and kids could stay in shape if they don’t play a sport.
Kiara Harris
Dear editor,
 The article on hate speech makes some good points about why it should be censored. But there are reasons why it isn’t. Websites like Facebook and Blizzard Entertainment have hate speech censorship because they are used worldwide, and many places like the UK hate hate speech laws. For these reasons, they have built in censorship technology. Companies like Steam do not have censorship tech built in. Steam is used in America and a few other places around the world. Steam doesn’t censor because it’d violate the rights of its users. There is nothing wrong with hate speech anyway, sure it’s immoral but words are words. Words have no effect unless you let them, and for this reason censorship is unnecessary.
Caleb Schiffman