Go Loy Norrix! Go Loy Norrix! It’s Hoco Season


Credit: Lucas Figueroa

The tower of Loy Norrix High School.

Jeanie Gould-McElhone, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Lucas It’s that time of year again! Football, spirit days and the Homecoming Dance!

The spirit days will consist of PJ Day on Monday, Twin Day on Tuesday, Throwback on Wednesday and School Spirit day on Thursday. We hope to see our Knights participating in the week’s activities.

Due to no school on Friday, we will have our pep assembly during fifth hour on Thursday! The football game against Battle Creek Central starts at 4:30, and the Spooky themed homecoming dance will begin at 6:30 and go to 9:00. 

There have been some changes this year for homecoming, to make a more gender-neutral court. While king and queen for the seniors stay the same, there are now more gender-neutral nominations instead of just having a king and queen. The new process encouraged students to nominate each other for different traits they show: respect, kindness and integrity for instance. 

The freshman class nomination is Nasa Quinamen and Jesse Lopez for courage and Eden Holm-Griffis and Violet Berg for responsibility. The sophomores nominated for integrity are Anthony Kimbrogh and Victoria McGovan, and for respect there is Chanel Wilson and Sophia Talo. The junior class nominated Estella Saradern and Mayte Lopez-Chavez for kindness and Shadiah McMahon and Ava Anglin for school spirit/pride. 

Nominations for king are Rezan Ahmad, Elijah Anderson, Finn Brent, Bryce Cooper, Quincy Ellis, Derrell Mabon II, and Henry Parworth. For queen, Jazara Ademod, Ourania Alexpoleus, Mackayla Carpenter, Micayla England,Lina Moghrabi, Jordan Miller and Breyna Wilson.

The winners will be announced during half-time at the football game.