Drivers Training is beneficial for new drivers


Bianca Hobson, Guest Writer

As a freshman, learning how to drive was a goal of mine. All over school I heard kids talking about how they were going to start segment one of drivers’ training. According to All Star Drivers Education segment one is a course “with 24 hours of classroom time, 6 hours behind the wheel and 4 hours of observation.”

 I got interested in learning more about it. I asked a variety of people about where these driver training classes were located, as well as how much I would be required to pay for the class. 

Students in the past have benefited from taking the one segment by learning how to drive and not being afraid to drive on the roads.

They said that there are a few companies in Kalamazoo that offer drivers training such as E-Z Way Driver’sTraining, Complete Stop Driver Training, and Official. 

Once I discovered all the relevant information, I learned that the session cost $320.  After finding out the cost of the session, I started to work hard to get the money I needed. I began to babysit and did little jobs on the side to get the money.

As I increasingly became more and more excited to learn and to drive, I imagined how independent I would be after completing both segments. 

Taking segment 2 is a process, according to Courtesy Driving School segment 2 consists of 6 hours of classroom instruction. The course will discuss all the necessary things kids need to understand to be safe while driving after completing segment 2 by successfully passing the test, then finally obtaining a drivers license. You also have to get  30 hours of driving with a family member older than 18.

Ultimately, I would be able to drive myself to school as well as be more prepared for when I go to college which will require more independence and experience that I need. 

As of right now I have learned a lot about driving and what you should do to have road safety. I have learned from my family members how to be safe and proactive, which is defensive driving and that is very important for new drivers to avoid accidents. I enjoy driving even though it is difficult to anticipate other drivers’ decisions to avoid accidents. I’m very grateful for my family and the information they taught me about driving safely.

My experience with taking driver’s training was stressful and also a good experience. Most of the classes are pretty demanding because you are in a learning environment, and you need to stay strong to learn. 

The first time I first got to drive a car, I was pretty nervous, I was afraid and I didn’t want to mess up. But in the end I learned that I am able to drive and not crash. I had 4 sessions with my driving instructor and partner while driving. 

Also in driver’s training you always have a partner with you when you drive. Usually your partner sits in the back behind the driver. The partner sits in the back to learn from everything you did wrong, so they don’t make the same mistakes.

 During the sessions we learned things such as turning correctly, changing lanes, and learning how to drive on the highway. That’s just a few things you learn from drivers training.