How the pandemic has affected me


Perla Santiago, Photo Editor

During this pandemic, a lot has changed around the world. We’ve had to be more cautious about everything we do. We have been on a stay-at-home order since March 13th, which is now being lifted as the state of Michigan reopens.

During this stay-at-home order, it has been difficult for me with doing online school work and just normal problems at home, but it has also made me learn a lot.

While staying at home has been hard, it’s been a good thing. So far no one in my family, thankfully, has had Covid-19. I do, however, know a lot of people who unfortunately did end up testing positive for a Covid-19. Each day it got worse and worse, more cases started to pop up, and also more deaths.

Michigan started slowly closing down & shutting down all businesses such as restaurants, pools, amusement parks — basically everything where people have large gatherings. Everyone started to stay 6 feet apart to minimize the spread. People now wear masks to avoid spreading the virus by sneezing or coughing on anyone. Multiple people couldn’t celebrate their birthdays due to the stay-at-home orders, and students couldn’t have a graduation ceremony or other traditions the schools usually have.

My dad personally got laid off from his job due to the virus. His job closed down fully for almost two months, but my mom thankfully still had hers. I would worry that she might get infected with Covid-19. Despite my dad being unemployed, he unfortunately could not sign up for unemployment and did not get the stimulus check. My dad is a hard-working immigrant who deserved that extra help.

We did struggle for a bit but we pushed through and my dad started working again at his usual job. As for me, I’ve taken more walks throughout this quarantine and enjoyed nature so much more. I spent more time with my family and tried to enjoy it as much as I could. It got hard staying at home all day, everyday, but I’m pushing through it all.

The pandemic changed a lot. It changed the way we live and the way we associate with people. It has been tough, but eventually we will all push through it. Hopefully soon we will eventually get back to living a normal life.