A letter to the class of 2020


Credit: Alexis Weeden

The graduation caps of seniors Alexis Weeden (left) and Brandon Schnurr (right) that were picked up on May 27, 2020 and painted with their colleges symbols. These caps are a testament to the creativity and dedication of the graduating class of 2020.

Alexis Weeden, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Dear Class of 2020 and fellow Loy Norrix family, 

You may or may not know me; however, I want to congratulate you all on making it this far. This is something that not everyone who started with us back in 2016 has succeeded at doing. Take a moment to remember those our community has lost and cherish your memories of them: know that they are proud of you. Know that your teachers, peers, family and community are proud of you. 

I know these times have been lonely, distressing, and seem to have no end in sight. But eventually the skies will clear, because like everything, this will come to an end and hopefully there will be time for us to safely see each other in person once again. 

And to my fellow seniors, while we may not have had a coming-of-age movie type of senior year, just know that our class is making history. We may have missed many of our landmarks and while, yes, this is a disappointing fact, take time to remember that it is not the year that makes the senior, but the senior who makes the year. I may sound cryptic here, but there are things we can do to make sure that you think of this year in a positive light.

One: reconnect. Facetime, email, and texting are all viable options for when you can’t see your peers in person. Host a stream where you and your friends watch movies together. Have social distancing picnics! There are things you can do. Interact with your teachers over email.

Two: think back. Knight Life has many articles and photo stories which trace back throughout the year memorializing periods of high hopes and energy. Look back on the yearbook once it comes out. Friends and school timelines can also provide a look back into the past few months.

Three: look forward! There’s so much that has yet to happen. Many of us are moving on to college or a job that we’ve worked hard to gain access to, the fact that those options are still available in the current situation is amazing. Use the opportunities that you have to carry on, there’s plenty of time left. Life doesn’t end in your twenties, you’ll be able to go to the beach and see your friends soon. Stay aware of what’s going on and turn your eyes towards the future if you can’t bear to look back.

Just because the times are strange doesn’t mean you should lose awareness of what’s going on around you. Stay tuned in and see what you can do to help others outside of your own home. 

And again, just because our senior year had storms doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t to follow. Keep hope that March 13th wasn’t the last time that we’d see each other face-to-face, and while many of us will likely not see each other again, there is still a chance.

“I’m incredibly glad to have been a part of this senior class,” said Loy Norrix senior and Knight Life web editor Brandon Schnurr, who will be giving the introduction speech at Commencement. Schnurr continued, “I don’t think I’ve ever met more passionate, involved people in my life than those I happily call my friends. I’m looking forward to seeing what we as a class will do in our future.”

On that note; chins up Knights. Smoother sailing will be here eventually.

I hope to see everyone who can make it at graduation, which has been postponed to the hopeful date of August 5th, 2020. Congratulations and stay strong Knights!