Loy Norrix football takes on the Plainwell Trojans with safety protocols in place


Credit: Gigi Fox

Loy Norrix’s first varsity football game of the season against Plainwell. The end of a play in the third quarter of the game.

Gigi Fox, Web Editor

Last Friday night, the Loy Norrix varsity football team took on the Plainwell Trojans. With a strong start to the game, a touchdown was made in the first quarter by the Knights. A well fought game was ended with a tough loss for Norrix, with the resulting score being 6-46. 

After only a handful of pre-season practices, the 2020 football season had been postponed due to the coronavirus. A few weeks went by and thinking there was no season, the team was given the go ahead. The season was then able to pick back up, if the proper precautions were being taken.

During every practice, the players are required to wear masks and sanitize equipment at the end of each night. Hand sanitizer is given multiple times throughout practice to players and coaches.

“The first thing I do when I get to practice is pick up the hand sanitizer, which is put into this huge spray bottle, and head to the field. Later, when the boys are on a water break we will give them another round,” said football manager, senior Annika Flores. “ At the end of practice, they all line up before going into the gym and their helmets are sprayed down, and so are their gloves if they have them.”

During the Norrix/Plainwell game, coaches, players and viewers were required to keep their masks on throughout the duration of the game. At one point in the second quarter, a penalty was called on Norrix for one of the players’ masks slipping off during a tackle. 

“It was really great to be back on the field again, the spit-guard on the bottom of my face mask didn’t cause much trouble except when it came to getting water,” said junior Anthony Kimbrough. “But it was just great to be out there and to get hit.”