How the appearance of Loy Norrix affects its students


Credit: Gigi Fox

Green School’s painted tiles in the A wing courtyard.

Gavin Moan, Staff Writer

It’s been an empty and boring experience for students walking through the halls of Loy Norrix this year. With the lack of creativity, such as the artwork around the school and the boring beige walls, students are feeling uninspired.

Many students would like to see the appearance of the school improved and are affected by the current appearance.

“It seems very bland,” senior Livia Apperly said.

Research by Dr. Craig Knight shows that an environment with more artwork and plants tends to make people more productive than one without. Here at Norrix there are very few plants and artwork on display..

Apperely said, “My favorite part, visually about our school are the courtyards with paintings and little gardens and the few parts of the school with art on the walls. I feel like incorporating more of that into the school will make it a more pleasant place to be at and possibly make kids enjoy the school more.”

Loy Norrix is filled with lots of windows and views to the outside, there are even courtyards to experience being outside during the school day. Oftentimes the scenery of the views can be messy and unattended to. By adding things such as bright flowers and keeping the grass tamed and clean, the potential for the courtyards can be fulfilled.

Senior Lily Schabes has a suggestion on how to get students involved in improving the school environment and said, “We could have a day where we take the time to pick up the trash around us.”

At LN, the students tend to be quite messy, especially in the cafeteria. By the end of the day, the classrooms are usually quite messy and that trash and dirt on the floor is usually left for the next day. A quick solution to this would be to have the last hour of the day do a quick sweep and wipe down surfaces in the last five minutes of class.

According to a study from college students nationwide, about 88 percent of students reported that the uncleanliness of the environment becomes a distraction. Students have found that the school can get messy, especially in the cafeteria and the floors throughout the hallways and classrooms.

By including more artwork around the school and keeping a clean environment, we can increase our productivity and improve motivation for students to come to school.