Link Crew is back in-person this year


Credit: Unique Payton

Ethan Ramirez, a junior and Claire Goodwin-Kelly, a senior, were showing their freshman students around Loy Norrix High School during freshman orientation on August 29, 2021.

Unique Payton, Staff Writer

“The purpose of Link Crew is to welcome the incoming freshman class into the building and support them through their transition to high school,” said John Kreider, a former Link Crew advisor.

Nathaniel Haeussler is a math teacher and is currently a Link Crew advisor with three other adults. Link Crew has been around since 2012 at Loy Norrix High School. 

Link Crew is a nationwide program for incoming freshmen and incoming 6th graders. The goals of the program are to make freshmen/6th graders feel comfortable, build a positive climate for their high school experience, and assist in their transition into high school and middle school. 

“Link Crew gives everyone as the juniors and seniors the ownership of helping out incoming freshmen gives the opportunity to really plan some of those and make those connections to welcome them to Loy Norrix,” Haeussler said.

Link Crew leaders are made up of juniors and seniors that mentor almost 20 freshmen. These leaders usually do check-ups on their students to see if they need help with classes and notify them about events that are coming up. They show how high school really is and help guide younger students. 

“My highest moment so far has been freshman orientation. Overall I thought it went pretty well being back in-person,” Haeussler said.

Many students think orientation went very well. During orientation, Link Crew leaders played games to get to know their students  and get freshmen out of their shells. 

“I love Link Crew and I think it’s super important. I love the mission of getting to every freshman in the building and having them feel like they’re a part of something. I just love it,” Krieder said. 

Kreider used to advise Link Crew his first year at Loy Norrix, and though he was asked to continue to work with the organization, he turned the role down. 

“I felt like I was too busy with everything else but I’m glad I’ve joined, it’s so much fun,” said Kreider. “What I liked most about Link Crew was how much fun it was. Seeing students lead things in the school and them being in charge of things. Students see a vision of something they want to do and execute that vision.”