Loy Norrix Men’s Basketball gets major upset victory over Kalamazoo Central

Credit: Gigi Fox
Senior Tyler Roberts starting off the Kalamazoo Central rivalry game strong with a 3 point shot.

Donovan Wilson, Sports Editor

On Thursday February 10, the Loy Norrix Knights took on crosstown rivals Kalamazoo Central. With the fan restriction being lifted at the end of January, it was a packed house in the Zuidema Gym.

“Going into this game we knew we could win because the last time we played them we were close (to winning) and we didn’t have fans the first time, so we were hype and ready to play,” said junior forward James Rocco.

Kalamazoo Central came out strong, but the Knights didn’t want to back down. At the end of the first quarter the Giants led 17 to 11.

During the second quarter, the Knights mounted a comeback and took a 20 to 19 lead but the Giants took the lead back very quickly before halftime. With two quarters down, the Giants were still on top with a 29 to 25 lead. 

Junior James Rocco and sophomore Cedric Huntley both had eight points by halftime.

The Knights started off the third quarter hot, taking a quick lead but the Giants stayed neck-and-neck and tied the game with seven minutes left. The Giants would then pull ahead towards the end of the third with a 42 to 31 lead. At the end of the third the Giants led 45 to 35.

Throughout the fourth quarter the Knights were zoned in and quickly started a comeback led by Cedric Huntley. The Knights brought it all the way back. With 17 seconds left the Knights were only down 53 to 51. 

The Knights had possession of the ball and were trying to drain some more time off the clock. With eight seconds left, senior Kevin Lucas took a shot but was blocked. Lucas quickly recovered the ball, and after being swarmed by multiple Kalamazoo Central players, Lucas passed the ball to Cedric Huntley. Huntley took a deep 3 pointer with 3 seconds left and nailed it with one second left, winning 54 to 53.

“At first we were in shock that he shot it because there were still 4 seconds left,” said Rocco. “Then it was in the air for so long it was like the whole game stopped for a second, then it went in.”

This is the first win Norrix men’s basketball have had against Kalamazoo Central since 2013.