Five Cutest Ways to Ask a Girl to Winter Formal


This may just look like a normal fishbowl, but Mikey Emig used these fish to ask a classmate to the winter formal.


  1. Senior Isabel McMullen said it would be adorable if a guy were to write a song and sing it to the girl. It has to be in person or it would not be cute.
  2. Senior Olivia Lyszyk took the keys to Mariah Isaac’s car, she then wrote on sticky notes “formal?” She stuck them to the windshield and left the surprise to be found.
  3. Mikey Emig from Parchment showed up to a girl’s house with a fishbowl full of goldfish, with one really pretty fish in it. On the outside of the bowl he wrote, “Out of all the fish in the sea, you’re the one for me. Will you go to formal with me?”
  4. Senior Vanessa Armendarez thinks it would be cute for a guy to buy roses for a girl and spell out “formal?” in front of her house with the flower petals.
  5. Senior Danny Newhouse would like to burn and crinkle up a piece of paper to make it look really old, then write, “Will you go to formal with me?” on it and roll it up and stick it in a bottle.  He would then put flowers sticking out of the bottle.