Review: “Physical 100” is the newest Korean blockbuster to showcase Korean strength


Credit: Netflix

¨Physical 100¨ contestants awaiting to hear what the next challenge will be, showing excitement, nervousness, and fear.

Cavan Helms, Sports Editor

Netflix’s new hit “Physical 100” is a reality show consisting of a hundred contestants competing for 300 million won $245,000 USD). That money will be hard earned though, as the contestants have to compete in many tough challenges. Some of these challenges include dead hangs, 1v1s fighting for the ball, building a bridge then filling up a tube full of sand, and pulling a 1.5 ton ship. 

These contestants are members of the Korean national teams for sports like wrestling, powerlifting, MMA, bodybuilding, boxing and more.

Asian men for a long time have been portrayed in the media poorly and it is emasculating. In shows like “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Asian actors used fake, flagrant accents and exaggerated mannerisms to reinforce existing stereotypes and humiliate Asian men as a form of entertainment, but “Physical 100” is different. 

“Physical 100” shows the pure, brute strength from Korean olympians and athletes. The entire show is helping change the frail stereotype of Asian men, showing muscularity, personality and confidence through the contestants. 

New episodes are released every Tuesday, and many fans are very excited for this every week. One reason this show is doing so well is because it has been classified as a “real life” version of another Korean show, “Squid Game.” 

“Physical 100” brought the idea of Squid Game into real life, just without the constant danger of the contestants dying. “Physical 100” was also rated 7.7/10 on IMDB, which is 1.4 points above the average for TV shows.

I would personally give “Physical 100” a 9.5/10, only missing half a point because I don’t like when they replay the same scene four times to add dramatic effect. 

This show is a great watch especially if you are into activities like weightlifting, powerlifting, calisthenics or anything of that nature. “Physical 100” shows great control of the strength that the human body is capable of, and is inspiring people worldwide including sophomore Izaak Korth.

“Seeing all the people with better physiques than mine motivates me to go to the gym and be as physically and mentally strong as them,” said Korth.

As Korth added, “Physical 100” shows great physical strength but also great control over the mind. During the first challenge it seems like it requires brute strength, but female contestant, Jang Eun-sil, places 3rd place seeming lifeless while her competitors are wincing in pain. Jang Eun-sil was the most mentally tough contestant in that challenge, even though she was competing against world class athletes and soldiers.

There are many displays of mental toughness in this show, even with the name “Physical 100.” This is why the show is so good. Physical strength isn’t all about muscles, and brain power can win you lots of things in life.

Go to Netflix right now and watch “Physical 100.” It is a combination of everything a show needs to be peak entertainment, and it is bringing light to the true personality and strength of many Koreans.