Sports and Entertainment Class Takes Field Trip to Wings Stadium


IMG_8901On May 3rd, 2013 the EFE Sports and Entertainment class was able to see the real functions of a professional sports stadium at Wings Stadium. Sports and Entertainment Management is a class designed to teach students how to manage and run sports businesses and events.  The two classes toured the stadium and were guided by sales managers to learn about the major functions of the stadium and team.

Students were able to tour the stadium and witness examples of advertisements and learn about the origination of the stadium. At the time, Wings Stadium was preparing for the Bronson Run for the Health of It registration. This let students see how Wings Stadium is used for multiple purposes other than a sports team like the upcoming graduation on June 5th.

Teacher Atiba Ward took the class to Wing’s Stadium with the goal of having students see examples of the topics discussed in class. He feels that the field trip was a good experience for his sports management class.

“The students got a real vision of what sports management is like. They got a real life experience,” said Ward.

For most students, it was easy to relate to the four functions of management that are taught in class. The four functions of management are planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling.  Classmate Twan Jenkins thought the trip was interesting to see the way the business worked.

“I learned about all the different uses for the stadium,” said Jenkins.