Guest Article: Students Feel No Need for an I.D.

Ben Dunham

by Hannah Putkamer


I am with the students on this one. Why are we required to wear an I.D once inside the building, with security around? A lot of students get in trouble all the time for it, including me, because they don’t feel the need. It’s just another hassle for security and teachers to deal with.

There are two sides to this story. There are the people that love to wear them and support the I.D. Then there are some that will refuse to wear them. Not everyone likes to wear I.D’s, they are annoying if you have keys on them. All they do is make noise and get in the way. Luckily though, there are teachers that don’t care if you wear your I.D.

All the time,  students get to school pull, out their I.D’s to get past security, and then remove it. They get through first hour and second hour with no problem. Along comes third hour, and the teacher yells at them to put it on. Of course, they are going to refuse which results in them getting thrown out to B-10.

This isn’t right for the teachers to do that. Students shouldn’t have to wear I.D’s if they don’t like them.

On the other side though, I can see why we have to wear them. The school wants to make sure no outsiders get in to try to disrupt the classes or do harm to anyone. Because if this were to happen then it would be on the school for letting the outsider in, and if they harm the students, the school would be in a lot of trouble.

Students also have to wear an I.D for when someone gets in trouble and the teacher or principal demands to know their name. Students without an I.D could easily give them a fake name to get someone else in trouble. This seams to happen a lot with substitutes at this school.

“Its helpful for me to have the students wear their I.d. it helps me to know who they are.” said Ms. Foreman, a substitute teacher.

For safety reasons the I.D situation is good to have in place, but they have to look at the students’ point of view on things like this. It sounds like they want us to be safe by wearing them, but they are coming about it the wrong way

When I wear a necklace and my I.D it doesn’t look good at all. Therefore I choose not to follow through with my I.D.

In my opinion I feel we should not have to wear them past the tower if we don’t want to, but once asked for our name we should give out our real name. I feel this will help the school to run more efficiently with less complaining about I.D’s.