Guest Article: Student Shocked by Ferris State Upset

Ben Dunham

Photo by Jared Graves Eric Eichhrn
Photo by Jared Graves
Eric Eichhorn is still in shock after the Ferris State win against Notre Dame. The Bulldogs have struggled all year to come out on top.

Ferris Wins!  Ferris Wins! These are two words Erik Eichhorn didn’t think he would be saying after the game. On that cold Friday night Eichhorn was wearing his favorite Ferris State hoodie. He was watching his favorite player Eric Alexander warm up, hoping that he would have the game of his life and lead the Bulldogs to a win against the nationally ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

As he and his parents waited for the puck to drop at 7:35, Eichhorn said, “ I didn’t think Ferris would win.”

As the game starts the crowd is on their feet and ready to see a great game. Even though Notre Dame jumps out to a quick 1-0 lead after the first period, Eichhorn and his family still have faith that the Bulldogs will come out the victors, but reality may be setting in for them.

Within a matter of minutes in the second period, Ferris gets a goal during a power play to tie the game. Eichhorn  is jumping and screaming in front of the TV, with a renewed faith that Ferris is going to win.

As Ferris and Notre Dame battle back and forth to gain a lead, Ferris finally breaks through  and scores a tie breaking goal. Having control for the rest of the game, Eichhorn and his parents knew that Ferris had this game in the bag and it was only confirmation for them when the Bulldogs score yet again with seconds remaining to win the game 3-1.

“It was a huge win”, said Eichhorn. A season ago the Bulldogs went 26-12-5 and earned a trip to the National Championship, but this year they are struggling to have a positive record.

Eichhorn and his family have just recently got into hockey at Ferris, seeing that his parents are alumni. Hockey has become a huge part of freshman Erik Eichhorn’s life and especially at Ferris State.

“I can’t wait to attend Ferris State so I can enjoy the games in person” he said.