Why I’m Tired of Talking About Your Rear End- Leggings


Ben Miller Opinion Editor
Ben Miller
Opinion Editor

Heated debates have always caught my interests. I love to submerge myself in a linguistic battle with an opinionated friend. From the times I would belligerently battle with my bossy big brother to my first debate in Mrs. Weeks’ class, arguing has been a part of my life. This kind of passion, unfortunately, has been numbed by the (somehow) most controversial topic in our school: leggings.

I’m not going to be able to to get my point across if I just start spitting my opinions at you, so I will begin with some perspectives. Many girls at Loy Norrix see their apparel as comfortable, while looking presentable. Administrators typically believe the leggings are distracting and (let’s be honest, here) provocative. But I, a junior at our school, have a very specific opinion about this heated debate:


How many morning announcements, articles in the school newspaper, conversations at the lunch table, teenagers cursing at Mrs. Blake and “inexplicable” referrals will it take for us, as a school, to get over it? I have an answer:


We could be talking about so many things: Syria, world hunger, our limited supply of fresh water or even (in the worst of worst case scenarios) Miley Cyrus. But somewhere, somehow, for some reason, we are stuck on this everlasting argument about tight nylon stretched around the lower half of girls’ bodies. If I didn’t have editors, this whole article would be one big ARGH.

Junior Patrick Martin said, “I wanna say [leggings are] sexy, but they’re not too sexy, so it’s okay.”

This student gives us a simplistic and yet great example of a typical mentality of students; the general nature of leggings is expressive but not in a revealing way.

So in order to wrap up this whole leggings ordeal (which is the purpose of this article in the first place), we have to display some extremes. No, we should not give the security guards chains and brass knuckles, making dress code enforcement seem much like union busting. On the other hand, people shouldn’t be able to wear whatever they want (including the absence of clothing, Patrick). I believe that we all have the same goal here, which is to make everyone feel comfortable at school. In order for me to feel more comfortable at school though, we should do one thing: