Students Commute to Loy Norrix


Whether you like school or not you have to go. Education is very important to bettering your future. Have you ever taken a moment to analyze or think about how students at Loy Norrix get to school on a daily basis?
Most students take the school bus. Disadvantages with riding the school bus can be different for many students. Sharmania Connor, Norrix student said, “It comes too early”.
Many students across the board have the complaint of the bus coming to early, but education is not optional. Out of a recent Norrix survey taken throughout first and second lunch involving 570 students, 56% take the school bus.
“The bus smells like broccoli and spit,” said junior Christia Reynolds. She has the luxury to ride to school with her boyfriend.
Five percent of students in this survey carpool with a family member or friend. This is a smart way to commute to school as you can save bundles of money without having to pay for gas. Also you can enjoy some time with a family member or friend on a ride to school.
A favorite way to get to school is to drive. Only 13 percent of Loy Norrix students have this privilege. This out of all ways of transportation would be the favorite. Driving to school gives you the ability to leave whenever you want and even buy some breakfast on the way.
Traver Parlato, a junior who drives himself to school happily said, “I love it” but admits to having a lack of gas money at times.
Other students at Norrix jokingly said they ride dragons, donkeys and cheetahs to school. As funny as this might seem this isn’t very true at Norrix, as you can look out into the parking lot and never see any of these animals.