America Is Not The Most Perfect Country In The World


The United States of America is the greatest country some may argue. America over the past 238 years has gone through a lot, beginning from the Revolutionary War, to more recent times such as 9/11. From 1945, Post-World War II, to 1988, fall of the Berlin Wall, there was a time when America competed against the Soviet Union. America and the Soviet Union went head to head on many issues such as the Arms/Space Race. They both were trying to see how many Nuclear Weapons they could make to outnumber the other in case there was an outbreak of World War III, as well as to see who could send the first man in space.
America, at this time, was at its best because of competition which brought changes and improvements within and outside of America. What Americans fail to realize today is that we are no longer that competing big superpower we once were, being #1 and all.After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Post-Cold War America fell behind other nations. After 9/11 America doubled up its security and reduced our freedoms with the Patriot Act by allowing the Government to wiretap on its own citizens, which really concerns the people if our privacy is truly private or not. Our government spending increased to support the “War on Terror,” and America was at one of its low points, fearing future attack.
The top issues we have today in our political limelight, such as Abortion Rights, Gun Rights, LGBT Rights, ETC, are very controversial. These issues are what are keeping other MORE serious issues like, “What are we going to do with Social Security as new generations will not benefit from it?,” or “How will we reduce our National Debt?,” or even “How will we create a balanced Budget?” and not waste more than what we can actually spend. Our government creates more debt by having to borrow money from others such as the Federal Reserve Bank.
For abortion rights, let the women decide what they want, and NOT the government impose or force what the women can and cannot do. It’s their body, if they want an abortion then abortion should be available for them to have, and if you’re Pro-Life and don’t like abortions then DON’T get one.
For gun rights, Guns should be available to the people. It’s in the 2nd Amendment; we have the right to bear arms, but I still think there should be some form of restrictions.
LGBT Rights, come on now people we are all human beings, we have feelings, love, we are NOT robots! If a heterosexual woman can marry a heterosexual man then so should others without being discriminated against. What if we lived in a world where it was normal to be LGBT rather then heterosexual, and it was illegal for a man and woman to get married? Certainly you would fight back the tyranny.
We as a Nation today stand at #12 in the world, with #1 being Hong Kong when it comes down to Economic Freedom. We rank 46th in freedom of the press, 24th in literacy, 22nd in gender equality, 11th in minimum wage, and 125th in GDP Growth for Capita.
America is #1 for incarceration, small arm exports, wine consumption, plastic surgeons, horse exports, death by violence, cheese, tobacco, suspected drug criminals, prosecutions, cocaine use, and military spending. We have to change this.
We need to invest in Education and invest more in things that will benefit America in the future. That is what is keeping other nations ahead… INVESMENT!
Our country may not be perfect, but I love my country, and there is nothing that comes close to the United States of America. As Ronald Reagan once said: “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”