Suicide: Addressed at Death


claytonsMost of us take the word suicide lightly and even can make jokes out of it. This is until you find the real meaning of such a word. You may wonder how you understand the real meaning of a word. Well sure, you can go open a dictionary or Google suicide and you will find this come up “the action of killing oneself intentionally.” The real meaning of this word can’t be understood by a book or internet definition, it’s understood through experience.
To understand the full meaning of any word and especially suicide, you need to feel it. Once you have cried yourself to sleep or held your mom because spoken words couldn’t help anymore, you probably don’t understand the ruthlessness of this word. Maybe you walked in on your friend hanging by the ceiling fan, pale and lifeless. Maybe you walked in on your sister passed out on the floor, surrounded by pill bottles and suicide notes. Whether you have experienced one of these events, or something different, suicide is a riveting, stomach churning incident that will change your whole stance on life forever.
I am actually sorry for anyone who understands this word and simultaneously have empathy for you. You yourself have undergone a torment unlike any other. Whether you have experienced a loved one or friend commit suicide or you yourself have contemplated this. Balancing your life on a mere thread of string, ready to break with one wrong footstep, as if you were a tight rope walker at a circus and performing in front of countless people is an execrable situation.
Except when you’re suicidal, you aren’t performing in front of countless people, and most of the time nobody actually realizes how you feel or you don’t grasp how one of your suicidal loved ones may feel. Sadly you might think you’re all alone and just performing for yourself, you and your circus of messed up thoughts and mistakes that may have brought your life to the point in which it’s at today.
A point I want to mention is that you aren’t alone. If you have ever been to a circus, people go to watch. At circuses people cheer you on; they’re there for you. This goes for suicide itself, you aren’t ever alone. You might be a one man circus when you’re tying the rope to constrict your life into nothing, but once the rope is tied, people will be dumbfounded and wonder why they didn’t come support you.
When your family members find out you took your own life, they will convulse with emotions and endlessly try to comprehend what has happened, and why this is possibly their fault. Your friends at school and on the block won’t know where to turn, as it’s possibly their first time experiencing such agony.
Yes life will go on without you, but it will not be the same. You yourself have committed suicide for a number of reasons; a prominent reason is most likely because of your own pain. You have now passed your pain onto someone else. This person will now have to deal with this agony for the rest of their life.
The peculiar part of suicide is that it doesn’t affect one certain person. What I mean by this is that someone across the world could possibly come across your obituary, and break down in tears, as they’re reminded of a similar event. This is partially because of love and its ubiquitous approach, seeing someone commit suicide, whether you know them or not, touches home to a lot of our hearts. Your suicide, will affect everyone.
As a society we need to stop suicide. We also need to accept suicidal people. If we accept suicide though, people who are suicidal would be more likely to ask for help. When we shun suicide, it all of a sudden becomes a deplorable occurrence. If we make suicidal people feel bad about being unhappy, when will they ever have the courage to get help? Let’s raise discouraged, distraught people up and stop disguising suicide.
Respect and kindness are two very powerful words in print and even more powerful in person. Being respectful is very important, it helps spread positive karma whether you realize it or not. Being kind to others is also imperative, for doing so will make others feel respected and special, and let’s face it, we are all special and of great significance to society. If you don’t respect people and show love and kindness on a daily basis, the occurrence of suicide will help you respect people deeper. You never realize someone’s struggle until they’re gone, that’s why kindness is always so essential.
Bullying needs to be stopped too. If you’re still bullying people for inconsequential things in the year 2015, you might want to reevaluate how you feel on the inside because how you feel on the inside about yourself is very apparent on the outside too.
As I wrap this article up, I want to make this very clear. If you have ever had suicidal thoughts you aren’t crazy! You’re perfectly and wonderfully made and this idea needs to be embraced. You are who you are and you need to be proud of this. If someone you know isn’t so proud of whom they are, help them. We can make each other better by the love we put forth and show towards everyone. And for this love that you show, one less suicide might occur.
Gryphon 24 hour suicide help: 381-4357 or 211