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Stevie Finley enjoys his view. Lake Michigan is seen in the back. Photo Credit / Clayton Barker

Sleeping Bear Dunes: Beauty to be Seen

claytonbarker51 May 31, 2016

Beep, Beep, Beep. I reached my arm over, fiddling across the top of my bed side table searching for my phone. I felt the sleek glass as it vibrated profusely letting me know it was 7:30 and the day had...

Point/Counterpoint: GMOs

Point/Counterpoint: GMOs

jakeheasley November 13, 2015

Clayton Barker: Point: Pseudoscience has popularized GMOs Debates on whether or not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are good for humanity or bad have been ongoing for twenty some years now. The...

Knight Life staff member Clayton Barker, enjoys the pleasant November air while it lasts. Soon the Michigan cold will strike.

November Calendar 2015

sophiaboismier November 3, 2015

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 V Volleyball Semi Finals-Home 5 NHS Apps Due V Volleyball District Finals(if they make it) -Home 6 No school Girls Sw[email protected] 7 Girls...

Issue 1, 2015-16

Issue 1, 2015-16

carstenstrand November 2, 2015

Prescription Drug abuse. A problem in America and a problem in schools. Photo Credit: Caitlin Commissaris

Prescription Drugs: Uncapping the Problem

claytonbarker51 September 16, 2015

When society talks drug addiction, we seldom think of prescription drugs as being addictive or even bad for that matter. Society likes to believe that if a doctor gives out a certain pill that the pill...

Chhay Wong with his reading partners Joshua Williams-Thomas and
Johari Brashers at the Binder Park Zoo field trip with PeaceJam.

Loy Norrix Mourns the Loss of Junior, Chhay Wong

carstenstrand June 9, 2015

By Carsten Strand and Clayton Barker Chhay Wong, a junior at Loy Norrix High School and Calvin Chao, a freshmen at Western Michigan University, drowned on a lake in Van Buren County during a boating accident...

Suicide: Addressed at Death

Suicide: Addressed at Death

claytonbarker51 February 12, 2015

Most of us take the word suicide lightly and even can make jokes out of it. This is until you find the real meaning of such a word. You may wonder how you understand the real meaning of a word. Well sure,...

Government Strategically Uses Media for Public Distraction

Government Strategically Uses Media for Public Distraction

rachelwheat December 19, 2014

    Written by: Clayton Barker   As protests take place around our country, we are quickly reminded of the freedoms we have. Protesting being one of these freedoms, better known as assembly. If...

Learning about Christmas: What Most People Don’t Know

Learning about Christmas: What Most People Don’t Know

claytonbarker51 December 16, 2014

With the Christmas season in full swing, festive lights, evergreen trees and wreaths are far and wide, a holiday largely celebrated. The irony of Christmas is that most people don’t even know about...

Jump Start teacher Paul Mahar and English teacher Brianna English dress up for Halloween. Both teachers make spirits fly with costumes reflecting a character from Top Gun and a flight attendant. Photo Credit / Jordan Liddle

Halloween; Share and Scare

claytonbarker51 October 30, 2014

Boo! Did I scare you? I thought so. Speaking of scaring people, Halloween happens to be this month. You probably already knew this, but one thing you might not know is the origin of Halloween. Considering...

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