Sleeping Bear Dunes: Beauty to be Seen


Beep, Beep, Beep. I reached my arm over, fiddling across the top of my bed side table searching for my phone. I felt the sleek glass as it vibrated profusely letting me know it was 7:30 and the day had dawned.
Sleeping Bear Dunes are sand dunes that tower over the Lake Michigan and give visitors laborious climbs through the steep hills entrenched between the parking lot on the east and Lake Michigan a couple miles west. The blistering sun will beam down on one’s neck and torched sand will burn feet.
Climbing what feels like Mt. Everest, Sleeping Bear Dunes offers splendor, relief and pulchritude for those who work hard and climb these hills. It is worth every step as well.
Sleeping Bear Dunes is located near the village of Empire, Traverse City is 25 miles east.
The National Park Service (NPS) was founded August 25, 1916 by Teddy Roosevelt, Horace Albright, Stephen Mather and Woodrow Wilson. The NPS is responsible for taking care of these parks.
National Parks play an important role in America, preserving history and significant natural wonders. To this day there are 58 national parks-all holding beauty ready to be discovered by the world.
Sleeping Bear Dunes is approximately 210 miles north of Kalamazoo, for a drive time of about 3 hours and 20 minutes. Though taking US-131 is faster, you may enjoy the scenic aspect of US-31.