Yearbook versus Knightlife Kickball Match for the First Time


On May 28th, the Yearbook staff and the Knight Life staff will compete in a game of kickball for the first time.
The Yearbook staff is filled with many athletes, ranging from soccer players to wrestlers. Knight Life has a smaller group of athletes, but they also play various sports. Yearbook may have a slight advantage because their advisor Ms. English is a soccer player herself. With this amount of skill, Yearbook is projected to win.*
The Yearbook staff is very excited about the upcoming match against Knight Life  because Yearbook is a very competitive group of students who strive to achieve greatness;  we put forth our best effort, and we aren’t quite sure that Knight Life can do the same.
“I’m excited, I think it will be so much fun,” said senior Rachel Wheat, Knight Life’s Web Editor.
“It’s seems like a fun event, and I hope we have nice weather for it. Also, I think we will win,” said senior Kristin Fuller, Yearbook Copy Editor.
The Yearbook staff members have a great amount of confidence that they will come out victorious.
*By the Yearbook staff