Personal Finance Should be a Mandatory High School Class

maddie kuiper
Written by Maddie Kuiper
Loy Norrix says that you need a certain amount of math, science, English, history and elective classes. You need algebra one and two, and geometry. You need to have all grades of English like 9th 10th 11th and 12th. The science credits you need are Earth Science A and B, and biology A and B. You also need an art credit.
The thing about all those classes is that they don’t teach you how to be an adult. They don’t teach you or tell you how to live life as an adult, yet all of these classes are mandatory. High schools should change the criteria for mandatory classes.
High schools should have a class called Personal Finance. It teaches you about insurance health and life,  and auto and home. Personal finance also teaches you about credit score, and credit cards and loans. These topics are important because if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’ll lose money. A finance class would help you so much more than a basic art or science.
I understand that English will help you with grammar and punctuation. Car Mechanics will definitely help you in real life and show you how to fix your automobile, like if your car breaks down you will be stranded unless you know what happened. History also helps a little bit by telling you the mistakes that the U.S. has made so we don’t repeat them.
I’m taking a Personal Finance class right now, and I went home and told my mom what I learned, and she said its very helpful and she wishes she would have been able to take this class herself. A Personal Finance class in high school should be required because it would definitely help you in the real world.