The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Weight lifter Christian Vivanco-Vandenbos doing a deadlift. Christian is one of the best weight lifters at Norrix

Norrix Students share how working out has improved their lives

David Henry, Social Media Team January 27, 2023

Working out is something more and more people have found themselves doing, whether it's for the new year, needing to lose weight or just to be healthy. Many students have found themselves working out more....

Junior Kaleb Madrigal poses for a photo with his mentor Paul Frazier in front of International Profyle Barbershop.

Class offered as a partnership between Loy Norrix and local businesses

Nate Goodwin-Kelly, Opinion Editor/Knights Speak Team March 4, 2020

As education has progressed over the years, schools have worked to offer more options for students beyond the traditional core four classes and some electives. Many students desire an opportunity to get...

Wall of People

Wall of People

Cameron Greene, Guest Artist February 10, 2020

Senior Emma Hilgart-Griff and teacher Rebecca Layton discuss the womens studies curriculum. The class is a mix of political science, psychology and womens history.

Women Studies class to be offered at Loy Norrix

Jeanie Gould-McElhone, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 20, 2020

In the 2020-21 school year there will be a new class students can take at Loy Norrix that was recently approved by the KPS Board of Education on Thursday, December 5th. The new class is a women's studies...

Junior Haven Besser works on editing some yearbook photos. Besser was pleasantly surprised how much she has enjoyed yearbook.

Student finds enjoyable hobby after joining the Yearbook staff

Henry Parwoth, Guest Writer January 8, 2020

Junior Haven Besser didn't know much about being on the yearbook staff at Loy Norrix until she finally decided to join now in her junior year. During her time at LN, she had not found an extracurricular...

Bring Driver Education Back to the Classroom

Bring Driver Education Back to the Classroom

Jaelyn Anderson October 16, 2018

High school is a time full of fun and new experiences, most of which involve a car. Many students look forward to getting their license and owning a car. A car allows many students to have the freedom...

Eddie Knudsen

Controversial Opinion: Beowulf is a Dumb Character

June 7, 2017

Guest Writer Eddie Knudsen You know, there isn’t enough controversy in the world, let’s address that: Beowulf is a poorly written character by today’s standards. Alright, now that all the English...

Teachers Should Allow Students to Listen to Music in Class

Teachers Should Allow Students to Listen to Music in Class

Dagnija Tomsons October 26, 2016

That moment of utter silence envelopes you as you finally are released to work independently and instead of listening to random coughing and the tapping of pencils, you instead pop in those earbuds to...

Art by Aaliyah Barnes-Fogle.

Without My Coffee

loriumbanhowar November 14, 2013

Comic drawn by artist Aaliyah Barnes-Fogle. Do you have art skills? Do you want to be featured in Knight Life print or here online? Please submit them! Contact Lori Umbanhowar for full submission guidelines...

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community