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The stress never ends: Loy Norrix junior discusses how poetry has helped him deal with stress

Junior William Jensen sits in the library alone and reads a book full of poems. He does this a lot in his free time

Karen Hernandez, Knights Speak Team

March 27, 2020

Getting home from school should feel like a relief, finally at peace. No more teachers, classwork, or drama for the rest of the day. For Loy Norrix junior William Jensen, the relief wasn't there. “School is pretty much my getaway place... I still hate it though,” William Jensen said, as he rolled ...

The risks of choosing your career based solely off of money

The risks of choosing your career based solely off of money

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

March 5, 2020

During your junior and senior year you start to apply to colleges that offer programs of your career interest. Although you don't have to decide what exactly you want to be, it’s always something that you keep in the back of your mind. You start to pose two questions, what do I like to do, and what ...

Junior Becomes Captain for the Forensics Team

Junior Becomes Captain for the Forensics Team

Elliot Russell, Editor-in-Chief

December 14, 2018

The Loy Norrix Forensics Team has been a large part of junior Riley Dominianni’s high school career since the start. Before coming to Norrix, Dominianni participated in many theatrical productions. Because she enjoyed acting, she quickly joined the forensics team when she arrived at Loy Norrix. ...

Loy Norrix Remembers Eli Verne

Loy Norrix Remembers Eli Verne

Esperanza Fraga

October 29, 2018

Elijah Verne passed away September, 2018. During his life Eli was many things, a student, a golfer, and a member of the swim team. He was also known for putting smiles on the faces of those around him and for challenging people to be kind and empathetic. He was very much loved by his teachers, classmates fam...


Seniors Kiara Weatherall and Alysia Smith pose together in the cafeteria during lunch.

Jaelyn Anderson

September 25, 2018

To celebrate the week of homecoming students dress up according to each day's theme. For the first day of spirit week students show their school pride by wearing PJ's. Tuesday's theme is jersey day.  

Kendra Eaton: Art Is Something Of A Therapy

Kendra Eaton: Art Is Something Of A Therapy

Maggie Lager

February 1, 2017

Kendra Eaton, Junior "I think art was something important to me since I was very young; although it took me awhile to realize, it was something of a therapy or stress reliever. I still depend on it [art] every sing day. I'm still not sure what I want to do with art as I grow older, but I do know that I w...

Junior Listens to 90’s Rock Band, Nirvana

Junior Josh Killingsworth is often seen listening to the 90's rock band in the halls. He listens to Nirvana on a daily basis. Photo Credit / Chris Hybels

Jonnie Palone

March 24, 2016

He reaches into his pockets and pulls out his headphones and fumbles to untangle them frantically so he can plug them into his iPod and escape the stress of everyday life. Josh Killingsworth, junior at Loy Norrix High School enjoys listening to music on his free time, specifically the 90’s grunge ro...

Bernie Rallies Supporters at Wings Stadium

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders greets Kalamazoo before he starts his speech. He has just walked up to the podium. Photo Credit / Sophia Boismier


March 18, 2016

On Monday March 6, 2016, the day before the presidential primary election for Michigan, Senator Bernie Sanders stopped by Wings Event Stadium to speak to Kalamazoo. An estimated  32 hundred people showed. With the stadium doors scheduled to open at 7:30am, people arrived hours before, some even campin...

Spirit Week: Thursday

G.K. Wells dunking the ball.

Christian Baker

February 11, 2016

Today’s theme is Blue and White Day.  The class with the most people dressed in blue and white was the Juniors. Also, today there was an awesome pep assembly to get everyone hyped for tomorrow's basketball game against Mattawan. Tomorrow, dress in valentine's day clothes to get points for the spirit j...

Kalamazoo Man Goes on Hunger Strike Over Kalamazoo Public Schools Textbooks

Kalamazoo Man Goes on Hunger Strike Over Kalamazoo Public Schools Textbooks


February 12, 2015

  Kris Mbah is a 31 year old resident of Kalamazoo who went on a 9 day hunger strike because he believes KPS students do not have the resources, more specifically textbooks, to succeed. Mbah has been very vocal about his concerns, and has been to plenty of school board meetings to try to persuade the B...

Wrestlers Look Forward to Improve on their Success

Wrestlers Look Forward to Improve on their Success


November 20, 2014

  You walk into the gym and see the mats and the floor and hear people cheering on their athletes. You hear the ref counting 1…2….3… and then a slam on the mat. Somebody just got pinned.  Most people don’t really see wrestling as an interesting sport. However, if you come to a meet you will be happily surprised. Wrestling is a very interest...

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