Prom provides an exciting way for upperclassmen to celebrate the end of the year


Credit: Gigi Fox

Seniors Ian Woodruff and Harper Schrader entering the patio at prom. The patio was decorated with twinkle lights and tables for fresh air mingling.

Hannah Locke, Editor in Chief

On Saturday, April 23, Loy Norrix held its annual junior/senior prom on Western Michigan University’s campus at the Fetzer Center. The high turnout reflected just how much Norrix students have missed maskless, in-person gatherings. Tickets sold out quickly and administration had to expand capacity in order to accommodate the many students who wanted to attend. 

Last year, members of the senior class of 2021 and former class advisor, Sveri May, organized “Prom on the Pavement,” an outdoor prom that took place with social distancing guidelines in the Norrix parking lot. This event was a success but, due to COVID restrictions, there had to be some prom traditions left out. This year’s dance was a step back towards normalcy that seemed increasingly desired among juniors and seniors alike.

Senior Annaliese Bol and her date Tieran Rafferty checking in at prom. A COVID-19 vaccine card or a negative test and a ticket were required upon entry at the door. (Credit: Gigi Fox)

Senior Sophia Talo said, “I was really looking forward to pictures and being able to see everyone in their beautiful dresses and their makeup. It’s our first time seeing people without masks, since it’s optional.”

Arriving at the Fetzer Center, students congregated in an outside area adjacent to the hall where the dance floor was. While it took some time for the dancing to get started, student excitement became clear once the Cupid Shuffle started and people maneuvered their way onto the dance floor.

Seniors James Hauke and Kate McDade at the senior prom. They are enjoying the outdoor patio that was opened up to students. (Credit: Gigi Fox)

“My favorite part was everybody in the middle, dancing to Apple Bottom Jeans,” said freshman Fletcher Haase.

Of course, dancing is essential at every prom, but there are also other various traditions: themed decorations, dressing up, pictures at Crane Park and prom royalty.

This year, an hour or so into the event, Principal Aguinaga announced that seniors Chanel Wilson and Neida Jaimes would be Norrix’s 2022 prom royalty. In the week leading up to the dance, seniors were allowed to vote for who they thought was most deserving. 

In addition to her win, Wilson and her mom were involved in the planning process. 

“As far as making the decisions and stuff, the executive board does that, but thankfully my mom stepped up and is doing all of the decor and handling the food menu, and I’m helping as well with ticket sales,” Wilson said.

The decor followed this year’s theme: enchanted forest. The outside area was decorated with fairy lights and two tents were set up inside and bordered with flowers and vines. There was also a variety of food and drinks provided to students.

“I was really looking forward to the decorations, honestly…I was hoping for ivy and sparkly lights and we got them,” said Junior Chrysta Soisson.

Overall, the prom was a fun and important reunion for upperclassmen who, throughout the COVID pandemic, haven’t had ample opportunities to connect with each other in such an open environment.