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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Kyle Shack teaches Government B during 5th hour.  He helps individual students during work time to make sure they understand the material.

Teachers prefer teaching more than one subject a day, but not more than three

William Murphy June 7, 2023

Most students only have a teacher for one class a day, but imagine yourself as a Loy Norrix teacher, having to teach upwards of 3 subjects per day! “I always planned on teaching multiple subjects,”...

Flags like these are present in numerous public spaces like airports. Flags are often the art of a country, but some flags are better art than others.

Ranking the world flags: an in-depth review of colors, symbols, and meanings

Foster Neve-Jones, Assistant Web Editor and Knights Speak May 19, 2023

You land in a new country for the first time, making your way out of the plane into the airport where the nation's flag, the prominent symbol of that country, hangs from ceilings and flies on poles throughout...

A contradicting debate

A contradicting debate

Clara Burton, Guest Artist February 15, 2023

Pictured (left to right): Reaghan Babrick and Canaan Hogan talking about affordable policy in Kalamazoo. The issue of lessening rising home prices and rent has become a key issue not only in Kalamazoo but across the nation, and various solutions have become parts of the major parties platforms.

More than just anger: teen radicalization on the rise

Elias Nagel-Bennett, Copy Editor March 15, 2022

Editor’s note: This story is part of  “State of Mind: The Modern Condition of Youth,”  produced in partnership with local, independent news outlet NowKalamazoo, which provided editorial support...

A protest is performed against Texas’ new Heartbeat bill in front of the Texas Capitol on September 1, 2021.

The six week deadline: everything to know about the new Texas abortion bill

Conner McBride, Staff Writer September 28, 2021

People gather outside the outside the Texas State Capitol on sunny September 1, some are holding signs with words like “we demand bodily autonomy” or “abortion is healthcare,” but all of them are...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under fire these past few months as a result of multiple sexual harassment allegations and his handling of nursing home COVID-19 deaths.

Andrew Cuomo: from praise to an impeachment inquiry in weeks

Hannah Locke, Editor in Chief April 12, 2021

In his three terms as governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo has made serious progress. From legalizing same sex marriage in New York in 2011 to his signing of the New York Secure Ammunition and...

Where is your money going?

Where is your money going?

Gigi Fox, Web Editor March 17, 2021

Donald Trump left office yesterday due to his term ending. Impeachment proceedings have yet to be determined.

A Historical Impeachment: What is it and how is it going to work?

Hannah Locke, Editor in Chief January 21, 2021

Only three presidents have ever been impeached since the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1787. All three, Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump, were acquitted and able to continue serving their...

Another election, another reason to dissolve the Electoral College

Another election, another reason to dissolve the Electoral College

December 12, 2020

As election season comes and goes, a bitter taste is left in the mouths of many Americans. Aside from the particularly nasty political climate this time around, a lingering issue plagued this election...

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

A break down of the 2020 presidential election

Sophie Grover, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 7, 2020

2020 has been one crazy year, from a global pandemic to one of the biggest presidential elections in history. Between voter fraud claims and lawsuits filed by the Trump administration, this election has...

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