Knight Life

Allie Fried sets priorities for learning during her freshman year

Damarion Johnson, Guest Writer

February 27, 2020

There are lots of youngsters out there who really dedicate themselves to their work and spend their time achieving to the fullest degree to be successful in life. Others are commonly known as wild and obnoxious: Freshmen. New school, new environment, old mentality. At this point, everyone around you...

Students Connect Mental Health to Music

Students Connect Mental Health to Music

November 30, 2017

Dear Editor, I enjoyed the article “Music and How it affects People While Studying.” I feel that music is an excellent study tool. I also feel blaming violent music to violence is ridiculous as blaming cereal. Correlation doesn’t mean causation. Will Briggs, senior Dear Editor, I like how in t...

Music and How It Affects People While Studying

Music and How It Affects People While Studying

Sebastian Rodriguez

October 24, 2017

Imagine listening to your favorite song while doing a task. Do you ever stop to wonder whether the music you listen to while studying is beneficial to you? Throughout the years there have been many different debates on music. Most people see music as beneficial, which it is in most circumstances. But,...

A Procrastinator's Guide to Studying

A Procrastinator's Guide to Studying


June 10, 2014

Finals week is a time of coffee drinking, late night cramming, and panic attacks because nothing says “stress” like a 60 question multiple choice test on Chemistry or Algebra. Many students procrastinate the night before finals in order to take relax. However, these students aren’t efficient pro...

Classical Music Will Make You a Better Person

Ben Miller
Opinion Editor


May 16, 2014

Music is a powerful thing: the beating of a drum has led revolutionary battles, a string quartet accompanied the sinking of the Titanic. However, the art of music is not only powerful when it comes to historical events. In fact, it could change how you, as an individual, function. Studying is one of th...

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