A Procrastinator's Guide to Studying


CreedFinals week is a time of coffee drinking, late night cramming, and panic attacks because nothing says “stress” like a 60 question multiple choice test on Chemistry or Algebra. Many students procrastinate the night before finals in order to take relax. However, these students aren’t efficient procrastinators and often slack off in ways that just waste their time.
If you follow these steps, you’ll be procrastinating like a pro in no time. The key to procrastinating is to convince yourself that you are actually working. While this can be challenging for some students, these steps will allow you to dive into the deep pool of delusionment.
1) Listen to music:
Classical music has been proven to help with studying and comprehension, but I find that the louder the music, the better I study. Bands like Metallica can really come in handy with last minute cramming. They can also help you stay up for that last stretch of studying.
2) Take many breaks:
Studying for a long time can be tiring, so frequent small breaks are key. After five minutes of studying, take a 30 second break on your phone so you don’t get too stressed out.
3) Study with friends:
While friends can be distracting, that’s a risk you have to take. Friends are a vital resource for studying and there are a myriad of ways they can help you. While quizzing each other can be helpful, I find the best way to study with friends is to utilize the previous two tips, music and breaks are vital while studying with friends.
4) Take your time:
While many people start studying a week or two in advance, I don’t recommend this. If you study too far in advance, you will forget what you studied before and all that work is voided. Studying a night before the final will help you retain the knowledge you gained. Have as little time as possible between you studying and taking the final, even if you have to pull an all nighter.
5) Do other constructive tasks:
While studying is definitely important, other tasks must take precedence. If your parents ask you to walk the dog or clean your room, you must do your chores. These tasks help to clear your mind and also give you a well deserved break from studying. A clean home will help your parents as well,  remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.