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Senior Maya Moore competing at one of her many events against Mattawan.

How swim has impacted senior Maya Moore

Isabella Ramsdell December 21, 2020

As we know, there are many different sports teams and extracurriculars at school, but we're gonna look into Senior Maya Moore’s life and how she developed a passion for swimming. “One of my friends...

Allie Fried sets priorities for learning during her freshman year

Damarion Johnson, Guest Writer February 27, 2020

There are lots of youngsters out there who really dedicate themselves to their work and spend their time achieving to the fullest degree to be successful in life. Others are commonly known as wild and...

Sophomore Hailey Yoder racing in a freestyle event during a meet this season.

Varsity swimmers dedicate numerous hours to their sport

Claire Goodwin-Kelly, Sports Editor November 4, 2019

Loy Norrix junior Ellie Lepley wakes up at five in the morning most days, scrambling to eat, get organized and stay awake all at the same time. When she leaves to pick up sophomore Annika Schnell, the...

Diving into a Healthy Lifestyle: The Benefits of Swim

Diving into a Healthy Lifestyle: The Benefits of Swim

Justin Timmerman February 15, 2019

Swim team members work unbelievably hard with daily morning practices from 6 to 7 A.M, and then again, after school  from 2:45 to 5:15 P.M. Then over winter break, men swimmers have 3 hour practices...

On February tenth 2018, USA Michigan defeated Lakeshore Elite with the final scores being 25-21 and 25-14. USA Michigan went undefeated this day at Inside Outs facility.

Loy Norrix Students Fine-Tune Skills By Playing Club Sports

Olivia Ely March 13, 2018

Many students at Loy Norrix play club sports in addition to playing school sports to stay in shape, advance their skills in that sport, build their skills as leaders and become well-rounded players overall....

Sweaty Dude

Sweaty Dude

November 10, 2017

Artist: Clayton Falese

Senior Takary Dreams stands at the free-throw line during the basketball game against Kalamazoo Central on Friday, January 20th. Dreams is a former Giant and faced old teammates during the latest matchup of the rival schools. Photo Credit / Michaela Whalen

Recap Of The 2016/2017 Loy Norrix Winter Sports Season

Maxwell Link March 29, 2017

Bowling Team “We had a great season. We had a lot of fun. We worked hard and I think we proved we worked hard at the end when we won the conference,” said junior Trevor Morgan, captain of the bowling...

Hard Work Pays Off For Senior Swimmer

Hard Work Pays Off For Senior Swimmer

January 13, 2017

By Julia Perry Imagine getting out of the water and taking that big breath. Your mind is saying I did it, I made it through the race. The smell of chlorine fills the air, so familiar it’s as if it was...

Volume 57, Issue 2

Volume 57, Issue 2

January 10, 2017


Freshman Girl Follows her Passions

Freshman Girl Follows her Passions

November 17, 2015

By Felicie Jones, guest writer “It’s pajamas, swim, shower, school clothes, swim, shower and back to pajamas,” freshman Kailynne Besser said. Slouching in her seat in Journalism class at 10 a.m....

Loy Norrix Men's Swim Team

Loy Norrix Men's Swim Team

March 9, 2015

          By Scott May and Drew Pawolski Loy Norrix Men's Swim Team is interviewed by KnightLife reporters. They explain what they swim and why their hair is cut and bleached.'s%20Swim%20Team

Elizabeth Gbogi sits with her friends during lunch here at Norrix, and talk about their current classes.

Loy Norrix Girl Swims Through Her Fear to Success

rachelwheat December 18, 2013

Everyone has experienced the class that they absolutely dread. They look at their schedule and head straight to the guidance office. But sometimes due to unfortunate events the class you don't want is...

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