Hard Work Pays Off For Senior Swimmer

By Julia Perry

Senior swimmer Morgan McCue accepts a rose on senior night. Senior night is a ceremony in honor of graduating athletes that takes place on the night of their last home game. Senior night was a very emotional night for the Lady Knights Swim and Dive team. Photo Credit / Bill Bowser

Imagine getting out of the water and taking that big breath. Your mind is saying I did it, I made it through the race. The smell of chlorine fills the air, so familiar it’s as if it was your own perfume. Water is dripping off your body and you hear the sounds of a screaming crowd and your coach cheering you on after a good meet.
Senior Morgan McCue is a swimmer at Loy Norrix high school. McCue started her swimming freshman year at Loy Norrix. McCue says swimming is her “background support system.” McCue’s mom keeps her on track with everything and makes sure she is committed to the swim team.
Swimming is a great sport but it can also be a lot of work. McCue believes the challenges of swimming include learning new techniques, building your oxygen level and building the muscle strength in your body to get faster and challenge yourself to get a better time.  
“It’s not just in the water, it’s out of the water too,” says McCue.    
McCue has built such close relationships with a group of individuals on the team that she now considers them her family. McCue explained the junior varsity and varsity teams both encourage one another and help each other get better both academically and at swimming.
McCue’s main focuses is self-improvement: to get better and better every day. McCue believes that it’s important for a student to know who they are and build up the confidence to do what they want to do in life.
“Swimming helps you overcome obstacles, not just the race at hand,” McCue explained.
McCue is very strong minded, she thinks both for herself and the team. McCue hopes to finish her senior year having a great time, and to leave knowing she tried her very best.
McCue’s advice to freshman? “If you’re nervous coming to high school, join a sport because you will get to know people on the team,” McCue continued, “You will gain a relationship with the team and expand your horizons. Sports gives you the type of diversity that you may not have outside your normal life.”