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Junior Loses the Kalamazoo Promise

Junior Loses the Kalamazoo Promise

May 9, 2019

By Dylann Meek “When me and my mother went to the office to change the address, that’s when the secretary told me I was out of district and would not get the [Kalamazoo] Promise,” said junior Nakia Brown. At the beginning of her junior year, Nakia Brown lost the Kalamazoo Promise after moving ...

Early Intro to Health Careers II: WMed Educates Sophomores

Early Intro to Health Careers II: WMed Educates Sophomores

Brandon Schnurr, Web Editor

March 14, 2018

  In recent years, a new program has popped up to help high school sophomores all around Kalamazoo. The Early Introduction to Health Careers II Program is a pipeline program that was started in 2015 by Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine to expose teens to the possi...

First African American Female Astronaut Visits Kalamazoo

Jemison set the tone of the press conference by making a few jokes before diving into important topics like how she has gotten children involved in science. Photo Credit / Christian Baker

Grace Marshall

May 9, 2017

  “I wanted to be involved because just like every little kid, I’ve looked at the stars and wondered what they were and I felt that I had a right to be there and that I could make really great contributions.” Jemison continued, “If there had been thousands of people of every color and typ...

WMU Joins the Fight to Save the Planet

Maggie Lager

April 13, 2017

“There just isn’t any natural way possible that could explain this [global] warming,” explained Western Michigan University (WMU) professor David Karowe to a full and attentive audience last Wednesday night.   Regardless of what political leaders in the United States want us to believe, with appro...

Loy Norrix Senior Takes on the Business World

Loy Norrix Senior Takes on the Business World

February 22, 2017

By Ontaesha Henderson Picture a family, two kids, a mother and a father on their way to the grocery store. The car starts to rumble, they hear a bang! Clash! The car starts to slow down. They pull off to the side of the road. The father hops out of the car and goes to the trunk to get his tools. He...

Building Community in the American Classroom

Becky Cooper helps students in her ATYP AP Literature & Language class at Western Michigan University. Pictured from left to right Becky Cooper, Emma Michael, and Lily Dorstewitz. Photo Credit / Frankie Stevens

December 21, 2016

GUEST WRITER: Aiden Lane “If somebody has been kicked every time they try to get up, or they feel that way, they’ll stop trying,” said ATYP teacher, Becky Cooper before the beginning of her AP English Literature class at WMU. Cooper’s class is based around a fundamental theory of education that ...

Kalamazoo Celebrates College GameDay

Kalamazoo Celebrates College GameDay

Griffin Conley

December 9, 2016

Kalamazoo is finally getting some positive recognition. ESPN’s pre-game broadcast, College GameDay, for any college football fan, is a big deal. The analysts talk about the games of the weekend, the stories from around college football and spend a great deal of time discussing the matchup they have decided ...

The Broncos are Cotton Bowl Bound

The Broncos are Cotton Bowl Bound

Sidney Richardson

December 8, 2016

And the Cinderella story continues: the Western Michigan University Broncos are headed to the Cotton Bowl. In a feat that could only be described as remarkable, the Broncos finished off their season with a perfect 13-0 record after beating the Ohio Bobcats 29-23 in the Mid-American Conference Champio...

Chinese Culture Rolls into Loy Norrix

Bailey Handley

October 11, 2016

Loy Norrix High School recently began offering a new experience for students to take part in. Up until now, students have only been able to take Spanish, French, and Latin as a foreign language, but beginning this year Loy Norrix is offering Mandarin Chinese to any students who are interested. Chandler Map...

Western Michigan University Professor Shows Latin Students Ancient Manuscripts

Western Michigan University Professor Shows Latin Students Ancient Manuscripts


June 2, 2015

On May 21st, Professor Steven Cartwright visited the Loy Norrix Latin class. Cartwright, who teaches history at Western Michigan University, showed ancient texts written during the 13th century. These manuscripts, handwritten by scribes, are in Latin, a language that while no longer today, was incredi...

The Beginning Of The End

The Beginning Of The End


October 10, 2014

As senior Sam Gulliver sits in the library with his hand pressing against his head, he stares at all of his work, contemplating what to even begin with.  This workload consists of assignments from KAMSC, Norrix, and incredibly stressful college applications. “It’s easier to push classes aside and focus...

Alumni Day: A Loy Norrix High School Tradition

Alumni Day: A Loy Norrix High School Tradition


December 21, 2013

By Emily Feenstra and Claire Domanick Alumni Day was brought to life by former Loy Norrix High School Principal Johnny Edwards in the fall of 2008.  Alumni Day gives current LNHS students an opportunity to connect with recent LNHS graduates.  The day is a tradition that has been running for five y...

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