Loy Norrix Senior Takes on the Business World

By Ontaesha Henderson

joshie .jpg
Josh Wild poses in front of a green bug at his work at Easy Car. He has already started in his dream career of working with cars. Photo Credit / Christian Baker

Picture a family, two kids, a mother and a father on their way to the grocery store. The car starts to rumble, they hear a bang! Clash! The car starts to slow down. They pull off to the side of the road. The father hops out of the car and goes to the trunk to get his tools. He looks at his son and asks if he would like to help. Excitedly, the little boy jumps out, and together, they start to fix the car.
Learning the different models of cars, the names and the years, Wild found a passion for cars at a very young age.
“When I was younger, 6 years old, I was always interested in different types of cars. When I turned 10 I knew what I wanted to do when I got older, either engineering or helping design cars,” said Loy Norrix senior Josh Wild.
Taking art and creativity to the next level, those who design cars learn how to combine innovation with real life business strategy. Car designers also learn vehicle architecture. It’s a really unique career.
Growing up, Wild learned how to fix cars. Whenever his family’s car broke, he and his dad would work on it together. He has become very handy from those experiences and they have translated into a job for him while he is still in high school.
“I went to buy a car from Easy Car one day and the manager asked me back for an interview,” said Josh.
The manager was impressed with Wild’s knowledge about the different cars. Wild went in and showed his skills and knowledge and soon he was hired. While working at Easy Car, Wild has become the handy man when it comes to fixing certain parts of cars.  Since Wild  knows a lot about cars, he can get a customer into one faster.
“I want to go to Western to major in business,” said Wild.
After getting a degree, Wild hopes that he can go into a partnership with his boss. They will be opening up a new Easy Car and, hopefully, Wild can manage that facility. But if all plans fall through, Wild plans to go back to college for engineering and, most likely, get into the business that he’s dreamed about since he was 10. Wild has already started in the business world, but there’s a lot more to accomplish for him to complete his dream.