Student of the Month April

Jordan Brown

You’ve seen them in the halls. You may have heard about them on the morning announcements. I am talking about the Students of the Month, which include:
Shanteaja Goodwin – 9th
Kamryn Stratton – 9th
Oluebube Okpechukwu – 9th
Jasmine Huyck – 10th
Taya Mackenzie – 10th
Nathaniel Roberts – 11th
Laura Martine – 11th
Bryce Holmes – 11th
Mikaela Stover – 12th
Wil Moss – 12th
Teacher of the Month: Brad Schmidt
“Being Student of the Month was a super cool experience” said Junior Nathaniel Roberts, “I am glad that I got the opportunity to be apart of it.”
With the Students of the Month, you also have the Staff member of the Month. The Staff member of the Month is Math teacher Brad Schmidt. Schmidt had this to say about being Staff member of the Month.
“[Being Staff member of the Month] was very cool just to be recognized for doing a good job. Where as a lot of the time, you don’t know that people think as highly of you as they do,” said Schmidt.
When asked what his favorite experience at Norrix was, Schmidt said, “[In track] we had two pole vaulters that made opening height at regionals. It was the first time that happened in years.”