Getting to Know Jamilah George

By Marta Grabowski

Jamiliah George, college advisor, helps students at lunch consider their future college endeavors. Seniors Leah Rathbun (left) and Ruby Tanja (right) both have very important decisions to make this year. Rathbun is considering attending Michigan State University and Tanja is considering going to the University of Michigan. Photo by Marta Grabowski

With high school students feeling the pressure to start career path decisions and college choices, the decisions can be over whelming. Lucky for us students at Loy Norrix, we have a person whose job it is to help us out with all these crazy decisions. College Advisor Jamilah George is at the service of Loy Norrix students.

George graduated from the University of Michigan’s Honors College with a double major in English and Literary Comprehension and Women’s Studies with a teaching certification.

George was initially drawn to the Kalamazoo area because of the high drop out rates and low graduation rates and the urban environment. This lead her to investigate more about Kalamazoo Public Schools. That’s when she came across Loy Norrix. George read about our school and tracked our improvements and was impressed with the growth in graduation rates and with the amount of college bound students over the past three years. While George noticed all the hard work we do here at Norrix she still realized that she could help us improve even more.

So far George has been impressed by all the school spirit we have. She is also very impressed with all the opportunities that we have here at Norrix, like the day care, the many different and unique classes offered and all the technologies we have available. Because of all these opportunities we are given at Norrix, George strongly believes that we are a ready for the future because we go to school in a college ready atmosphere.

As a college advisor, George is here for the students to help them prepare for college, by doing financial aid application workshops, scholarship applications, college essay writing and so on. If you have any questions or need additional help with college related issues then head to room K 12 to meet George.

“I am really cool and down to earth, I am from an urban environment so I can relate to students and understand them. Feel comfortable and ask me anything,” said George.