Comparing and Contrasting: iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

Erika Wagoner

On the left is the iPhone 6 and the right is the new iPhone 7. This photo compares the physical differences between the two. Photo Credit / Erika Wagoner

As the tradition continues for Apple products, the new iPhone 7 was released on September 16th, 2016. Senior Rachel Thompson is one of the few students who got their hands on the highly demanded phone by pre-ordering the phone before it’s release date.
When asked what she likes the most about the phone Thompson said, “The camera, it focuses so nicely and it’s very clear.”
One of her complaints like many other iPhone 7 users is the new design that excludes a headphone jack. This means the iPhone 7 user must purchase the new AirPods that Apple has created to accommodate the loss of the port. 
“You get headphones that go with it that go through the lightning port but it’s still not the same,” explained Thompson. “It comes with a dongle [type of adapter] to adapt headphones but it makes things difficult because you can’t just grab a pair of headphones, you have to make sure they fit [the adapter port] first.” 
With the many new qualities added to the iPhone 7 there’s no questioning why it became sold out in many cell phone stores around the world for about a month after it was released.
The cost of the iPhone 6 ranges from $199-$399 depending on the storage size on the phone, while the iPhone 7 costs $649-$769 due to it being a new phone.
“I recommend the phone because it’s very nice, cool and sleek,” said Thompson.
When asked if she had to choose between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7, she said the iPhone 7 without any hesitation.