Swim Team Hopes to Make History

Sidney Richardson

The Loy Norrix Men’s Swimming and Diving Team is a tightly bonded group of athletes that have grown and improved together. Now the team is ready to break through and win the Southwest Michigan Athletic Conference (SMAC) for the first time ever. Led by senior talents like Ryan Ross, Tony Dougherty, Vaughn Taylor, Duncan Wallis and Morgan Kenbeek, the Knights are ready to make history. The program is looking to be larger than it’s ever been, with the help from every grade level. The future is bright for these swimmers and divers, and they are looking to strike now. 
They had a historic season last year when they sent a team of ten athletes to the State Championships. They also won the Loy Norrix Invitational for the first time ever and look to repeat as victors this season.
The team also has a school record holding diver, junior Ryan Mullen, who looks to build onto the record that he set during his sophomore season.
“I trained and went to a week long Olympic training camp over the summer, which included a daily routine of four hours of dry land training and three hours of training in the pool,” said Mullen.
This team is chock full of talent and the talent only continues to grow with coaching from coach Paul Mahar and senior leadership. It also helps that the senior leaders have been working together and pushing each other since freshman year.
“I’m looking forward to getting back into the water and the team getting back together. We have a chance to do historic things this year so we need to work harder than ever, but it should also be a lot of fun,” said Ross.
The seniors are all very excited to make history this year, though they are still focused on developing their young talent so that this program can continue to be successful.
“We want to develop the team and get a lot of team and school records,” said Wallis.
One big factor in the buzz around this team is that they are expected to have a record amount of athletes come out to compete. Coach Paul Mahar has plenty of enthusiasm, both in general and for this team. He is proud of how each grade level is represented, each serving as an important intrical part of the well oiled machine that is the Loy Norrix Men’s Swimming and Diving Program.

Coach Paul Mahar has coached both Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving teams for the past 13 years. Photo Credit / Sidney Richardson

“I’m definitely looking forward to having a large group of individuals with the same goal,” said Mahar, “[I’m] also excited about the possibilities of what this group could accomplish this year.”

The team is poised to be one of the best in Loy Norrix history and take first in the conference for the first time and the thought of that is only further motivating the team.
“We want to have the best record in [Loy] Norrix history and place well in the conference,” said Kenbeek.
The team looks to make their coach proud this year and bring home a conference title for the first time in Loy Norrix history.
“I’m most looking forward to building the program and having the best team our coach has ever had,” said Dougherty.
So be sure to go out and support the Knight swimmers as they try to make school history.