Take a Look at a Few of the Groups of Loy Norrix High School

Sidney Richardson

Loy Norrix High School is a diverse place with a variety of looks and personalities. We collectively enjoy a rivalry with Kalamazoo Central, but the things students like, however, differ greatly. Oftentimes, groups of teenagers develop similar interests.  In a school where those interests are diverse, so are the groups. The school has many cliques and niches that students fall into. There really isn’t any one set “in-crowd.”  
That’s the true beauty of Loy Norrix High School. We are all so different yet we come together to form the community that is this school. There are so many clubs, like each grade’s executive board or the theater, or sports like soccer or cross country for example. Participation in the community creates  lasting friendships that, in turn, create these friend groups.
Having a group to fall back on is such a comforting thing. Friendship is important, since you have each other’s back through anything. That’s critical in high school.